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Decorating With Feng Shui Wood Element

It’s no secret that the energy of our homes should nourish and support us, it’s a facet of the Wellness Design trend. In a recent article, Kitchen and Bath Business (KBB Online) found out that not only is Feng Shui Decor a top trending category, but that adding Wood Element has become the most popular way to add harmony to the home. The Wood Element is healing and revitalizing, representing growth, expansion and vitality.

The Benefits of Adding Wood Element to a Space: The Wood Element balances both grounding and uplifting energies. This represents the natural wonders of the outdoors in our indoor living spaces.

Where to Add Wood Element: Wood is best for east, southeast, and south areas of the home. One of the best ways to add Wood Element is the introduction of living plants. Be mindful to select plants that benefit from both direct and indirect light such as palms, semi succulents, and dracaenas. Remember that fake plants are basically neutral, neither adding or taking away Feng Shui energy. Colors such as green, blue-green, and purple are another great way to add Wood Element to the space.

The Brownstones at Edge-on-Hudson by Toll Brothers is a great example of bringing the wood elements into a space with decorative ceiling, wall art and furnishings.

Spaces to Avoid Wood Element: Remember that we always want our elements to be in relative balance. There’s really only one place that’s not helpful to place actual plants, and that’s the bedroom. While wood furniture is fine, avoid adding plants or plants or flower motifs in the bedroom. Plants are thought to take energy away from sleeping occupants and to be a drain on romantic relationships.

How to Style Wood Element: Because of its comfortable and neutral style, Modern Farmhouse Decor provides ample opportunity to add details of Wood Element. For inspiration, visit a previous blog that dives into the Modern Farmhouse Trend.

Remember that no matter the design style, Feng Shui and the elements are compatible with it. Here is a curated collection of my favorite products to add Wood Element into your home:

Buttercup Dining Table by Custom Furniture LA

Fontaine Desk by Shoppe