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Working with Wood

Last, but certainly not least, in our Feng Shui Element Series is Wood Energy – representing growth, expansion, abundance, vitality and vision. Lush and healing, the presence of Wood in your home decor brings vibrant health, stability and growth. It is a multi-faceted element that simultaneously balances both grounding and uplifting energies.

Too much Wood Energy can make you feel overwhelmed, rigid, stubborn and inflexible. However, too little can lead to a sense of depression, ambivalence, stagnancy or creative blocks. From a Bagua perspective, we try to nourish and strengthen Wood Energy in the East, Southeast, and South of the home.

I typically try to introduce the Wood Element when my clients are in need of a breakthrough, wanting to boost their health, or encourage abundance – whether that abundance is in the form of wealth, happiness or prosperity.

Some of my favorite ways to introduce the Wood Element include:

– Potted Plants: These purify the air and allow you to reconnect with nature. Try an assortment of edible, aromatic herbs in the kitchen or bamboo in the living room! Make sure your plants are healthy. Dying plants propagate negative/stale "chi." Plastic plants are energetically neutral and usually discouraged.

– Wood Colors: Chocolate browns, verdant greens (growth and healing), greenish blues, purple (abundance and expression).

– Shapes: tall, vertical, strong, upright, rectangular. This can be achieved through decor, and can include lighting, as well. I have used up-lights in corners of the room or within a wall unit to give a strong suggestion of wood to a room.

– Textures: Soft like leaves and flowers.

– Materials: Cotton and natural fabrics.

– Light vs Dark: Wood needn't be super dark and heavy. A light, airy representation provides a modern, refreshing look.

­– Art: Paintings and posters depicting flowers, plants and trees.

– Include the Water Element: Water feeds and nourishes Wood. I suggest Water through undulating patterns and shapes, mirrors and the use of the color black.

– Wood furniture? Interestingly, Wood furnishings represent the Earth Element. The wood must be “alive” or the energy becomes "inert."

Wood energy diminishes Earth Energy and enhances Fire Energy, hence it must exist in balance with each of the other Feng Shui Elements. Wondering more about the other Feng Shui Elements? Check out the other blogs in our Feng Shui Element Series: Earth, Fire, Metal and Water.

Remember, when in doubt, consult your Feng Shui professional. Happy Decorating!

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