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Interior Design Services: Holistic Design
Holistic Interior Design

Julie and her team have a passion for creating beautiful, engaging and functional spaces, focusing on both the physical as well as the emotional well being of your environment. Her holistic style does this collaboratively with every client by taking the time to "coax" out the desires and vision that each of us has for the spaces we want to live in.    The result is "invigorating interior spaces for people to live and function in".


Our services include:


  • A collaborative process between designer and client to achieve YOUR dreams

  • All meetings are followed up with a written recap  to allow you to stay completely involved

  • Service fees are projected in advance

  • Projects can be completed room by room

  • Sourcing: Furniture, MaterialsLightingFabric & Upholstery,Accessories,Floor Coverings and Hardware

  • ​Whether custom or ready made from full-gut renovation to enhancing currently existing decor we can tailor a design plan specifically for you. 


Interior Design Services: Feng Shui
Feng Shui

The literal translation of the Chinese term is Wind (Feng) and Water (Shui), at the most basic level Feng Shui is the interaction of people and their environments.


It is often described as the Chinese art of placement.  Using the principles of Feng Shui, we can arrange furnishings to create a balanced and comfortable  environment, which will in turn promote a balanced life.


​Feng Shui can be used to diagnose illness, be it physical, spiritual or emotional.  The tenets of this ancient art are applicable to our fast-paced modern world.





Environments that are visually appealing and physically comfortable create positive energy which will support you rather than deplete you.

Whether it is directing the flow of chi through the arrangement of furnishings, design or colors, all the way through to space clearings and ritual cures; Julie and her team can help you to create the spaces that support your vision of a balanced life, rich in the areas that matter to you.



I had the pleasure of meeting Julie during my experience designing a room for the Holiday House Designer Show House December 2011. I have always been impressed with the people who take on the role of Project Manager, having to juggle multiple personalities, adhere to tight schedules, and oversee budgets and in the end, getting the job done. Julie went above and beyond fulfilling her role and getting the job done with professionalism, authority, and efficiency, all the while with grace and courtesy. Julie has raised the bar for my expectation of Project Manager. I look forward to the next opportunity that we work together again.


Charles Farruggio


Home Staging

​There is no second chance to make a first impression.  When the time comes to sell your home, look to ease the pain of transition by helping your apartment or home to make that fabulous first impression.

No amount of price reductions will coax a prospective buyer back to look at a home that they passed on because it didn't look good.  Let us help you use WHAT YOU HAVE by careful editing or strategic additions to make YOUR home be the one in a bidding war.

Julie and her team can help you MAXIMIZE your apartment's potential desirability in the sales market.​


Interior Design Services - Home Staging



I've worked with Julie on several custom rug projects, and it was a pleasure to work with such a true professional. Julie followed through every step of the way, keeping both her client and me informed of changes, so there were no surprises, and everyone came away happy! I recommend her highly for her wonderful eye and her business savvy.


Barbara Barran

Owner, Classic Rug Collection, Inc.


Interior Design Services: Holistic Healthcare Design
Holistic Healthcare Design


Good design directly affects the health and wellness of patients promoting recovery and rehabilitation. Julie Schuster Design Studio creates beautifully efficient environments that encourage healing and instill comfort with a personalized approach to each facility. Recognizing the dedicated needs of each type of Healthcare facility we offer our holistic approach and design knowledge to each project. A well designed environment boosts employee’s performance, promotes efficiency and creates a comforting environment for incoming patients.

Consultation Packages Available:

Home Staging Consultation Package



Julie is extremely professional and a true expert in her field. Her design schemes were beautiful, and the manner in which she presented them was concise and focused. She helped us make decisions and not get overwhelmed in the process. She worked diligently with sources for wallpaper, floor tile, fabric, furniture, etc. to select gorgeous finishes for the project. Julie was timely in her delivering her work and always communicated next steps. Julie's design gave us the vision for our stunning looking medical office!

Michael Garcia


Interior Design Services - Home Staging

Universal Design / 

Multigenerational Design

Universal Design is a nationwide movement founded on the idea that residential spaces should be easily used and accessed by all members of the family. Regardless of their age, size, or physical abilities each member should live within their home safely and independently throughout their life span.


A modified home, integrates the principles of Universal Design into the overall scheme to achieve a well designed space with adaptations that become inherently an invisible element. A popular misconception of Universal Design its principles are limited to "Ageing in Place" and wheelchair accessibility. People of all ages have medical and cognitive needs. Julie is certified through the "Living In Place Institute" as a CLIPP professional (Certified Living in Place Professional). As a qualified designer Julie is trained in solving spatial and product solutions for medical, cognitive and ageing limitations. Providing comprehensive features that serve all ages and physical limitations equally.

Consultation Packages Available:

Universal Design Consultation Package

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