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The Feng Shui of Candles

Holistic designers utilize Feng Shui principles to better harmonize people and their living and work environments. In a recent article, Kitchen and Bath Business (KBB Online) took a deep dive on Pinterest to identify the most popular Feng Shui design trends for 2021. Hugely popular topics included wooden décor, Feng Shui colors, painted doors, indoor sculptures and decorative candles. It was this latter category that sparked the inspiration for this blog.

Having just celebrated Hanukah and with Christmas right around the corner, the holiday season is the perfect time to examine the power of candles from an energetic or Feng Shui perspective.

Candles are one of the strongest and clearest expressions of the Fire Element in your space. They offer us warmth, glowing light, inspiration and a sense of something sacred. The energy of the Fire Element is that of the bright sun, a happy occasion, achievements to be celebrated, or of passion and romance. True for any Feng Shui Element, they key is knowing when and where to use it to optimize impact:

  • When to Use Candles: Introduce the Fire Element with candles when your energy feels weak or you are feeling cold, lonely, and lacking creative expression. This purifying energy will help bring life to your creative endeavors and burn away those things that are holding you back.

  • Where to Use Candles: When it comes to candles, the bedroom is always a great place to start, however, defining your home’s unique Bagua is the most accurate way to determine. Think of your Bagua as the blueprint or roadmap to creating Feng Shui in your space.

  • How to Use Candles to Balance Energy: One of the primary goals of Feng Shui is to bring each of the five Elements into balance with one another. Bathrooms often tend to deplete energy due to the overwhelming presence of Water and Metal Elements. Adding candles to bathrooms can help revitalize the energy within the space and help purify the air.

  • Selecting the Right Candle Colors: A candle’s color will affect its properties. Use red candles for reputation and fame, orange candles for wisdom and peace or white candles for heaven and joy.

  • How to Style Candles: Position candles in groups of three at varying heights or consider integrating a candelabra into your next holiday tablescape. Hurricane lanterns can be used outdoors to prevent the wind from blowing out the flame.

  • My Favorite Candle Brands: When it comes to candle brands, you can’t go past Diptyque (Baies or Figuier), Le Labo (Santal 33 or Verveine 32) and Frederic Malle (Café Society or Jurassic Flower). These brands vary in price and make excellent stocking stuffers.

Learn more about how to style candles within your home for the holidays by setting up an interior design consultation today.



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