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Spring Market '24 at High Point

Spring Market at High Point aka SK/24 is THE event for home furnishings, and this year did not disappoint. For those who are unfamiliar, S/24 is to Residential Design as KBIS is to the Kitchen and Bath Industry.

For everyone that didn’t make the trek, here are just a few of the highlights:

Tilt toward Traditional

There were many nods to traditional design throughout the vendors this year. For example I really enjoyed seeing options that allowed for a mixing of patterns - plaids with florals, damask with modern toile, etc. Bright and upbeat colors were embraced by many, with my favorite being from Cisco Home. It's a fresh take on what has been done in the amazing chintz patterns from the past, paying homage to design from the 80s.

Moodier Decor

Alternatively, the moodier trends that I called out in my KBIS recap are showing up in the color stories for furniture design as well. Much like the English Kitchen trend, nature inspired colors blend together to create a soothing and serene environment. Proving again that a calm space doesn’t have to be all about white. This shift to moodier colors is really another evolution in Biophilic design and finding peace in a natural environment. Huntington House and Rowe Furniture really shone in this category. 

New shapes

I am seeing more and more curved lines in furnishings, but I want to highlight what I saw from Bernhardt. The design shines when floated in the middle of a room, or across from one another in a conversation setting. It’s extremely elegant, and it doesn’t require being anchored to a bay window or rounded room corner. Lovely!

Nesting tables

I, for one, have been advocating against large rectilinear center cocktail tables in the living room for some time now. Working in smaller urban environments, these are just bruise-inducing obstacles to have to navigate around. It’s much better to opt for smaller, more interesting tables that don’t have sharp corners. For example, the Ying Yang nesting tables were a key element in my Chelsea Living Room Transformation.

Pair them with smaller pull-up types of options around sofas and/or occasional chairs that are multi-function and moveable. I love this statement nesting piece that Palecek exhibited.

I am always pointing out that decor in home design is more about evolution rather than revolution. All of this has reference to past good design, while also looking fresh and different from what design has been in the past decade or so. I love it!



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