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New in Kitchen Organization

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Tis the season for spring cleaning! For this week’s blog I want to focus on a room that can easily be overtaken by clutter; the kitchen. I’m focusing on products that create a clean and sleek space while still remaining functional. Homes should be lived in, and these products make that possible for a minimalist kitchen.

Cabinet Cleaner Organizer: No more unsightly paper towel holders taking up valuable

counter space. The cabinet cleaner organizer by Century Made keeps your cleaning supplies out of the way but still close at hand. Equipped with a paper towel holder, brush tub, and plenty of room for any sort of cleaning supplies, this cabinet is a sure way to achieve that showroom kitchen in your own home.

Water Bottle Pull-Out: The rollout bottle organizer from Hardware Resources is a great solution if you have a cabinet taken over by water bottles. It features a 15-space bottle grid to hold bottles up to 4" in diameter and comes pre-assembled. Granted, water bottles might not be something that’s taking up counter space in your kitchen. But any sort of space saving adds up in the end!

Wine Walls: This thoughtfully designed storage and display system is a must have for any wine enthusiast. The Wine as Art collection by Kessick is my favorite. Its unique wine storage system blends wall-mounted architectural panels in a variety of colors and textures to create a stunning aesthetic presentation.

Expandable Tiered Organizers: It always seems like there’s one cupboard that has trouble staying tidy. Whether its spices, non-perishables, or anything else you can’t seem to organize, the CupboardStore Expandable Tiered Organizer by Joseph Joseph is the perfect solution for any space.

Bamboo Cutlery Organizer: This is another Joseph Joseph product that I love. Their cutlery organizer has five overlapping compartments and three deep-sided compartments for utensils. Best of all, it’s made from natural bamboo. Sustainable and beautiful!

The products I’ve listed are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to kitchen organization. There are countless options from these brands to help your space feel calm and clear of clutter. In my opinion, the less stressed you feel in the kitchen, the better food you can create!



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