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Living and Giving Well This Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Like so many things that have been unusual and unprecedented in 2020, Thanksgiving is going to feel very different this year. No large cooking for crowds, no long-distance travel to far-flung families, no afternoon football to watch together. Some of you may be hosting a small, socially-distanced Thanksgiving dinner for the very first time – a simultaneously exciting and onerous task.

My clients and friends have been asking me what practical, cost-conscious things they can do to fill their homes (and outdoor spaces) with nourishing, supportive energy for the upcoming holidays – and boy do we need it! Let us start with some sage, time-tested advice:

  • Cleanse Your Home: Preparing for any celebration requires a clean home with fresh, renewed energy, so tidying up and de-cluttering beforehand is crucial. Space clearing or “smudging” can be achieved by performing an orange peel ceremony or by burning incense, white sage or palo santo wood. With so much change and chaos around us, shifting energy in a positive, healing direction is now more important than ever.

  • Pay Attention to Scent: Keep aromatic energy consistent throughout your home by deciding on one scent (maximum two) to use in common areas. Candles and essential oil diffusers are perfect ways to enhance the aromatherapeutic energy of your home. Thanksgiving, in particular, lends itself to cozy, spicy smells such as cinnamon, rosemary, pine and wood.

  • Dine Outdoors: Setting a socially distanced table outdoors? There is a lot to factor in: non-household members six feet apart, no buffets or heaped platters, blankets at every place setting, outdoor fire pit or propane heaters for warmth, hand sanitizer alongside autumnal centerpieces.

  • Enhance Earth Elements: This Feng Shui element celebrates the bounty of the earth and is represented using light yellow and sandy brown colors. Incorporate grounding, solid square shapes wherever possible. Earthenware containers are highly recommended.

  • Focus on Fire Elements: This Feng Shui element has a nourishing and supportive relationship with the Earth element and is represented by shades of red, orange and gold and triangular shapes. Work candles into centerpieces or light up the fireplace to warm and further purify the energy of your home.

Lastly, practice gratitude and give thanks to those that are loved and healthy in your life. We partnered with One Kings Lane, 2Modern, Pottery Barn Teen, Brooklinen and Bed, Bath & Beyond to curate a list of inspired Thanksgiving design elements and gift ideas guaranteed to showcase your gift-giving flair while elevating the elegance of this special holiday – wherever you’re celebrating:

Assortment of 6 Clear Glass Stoppers by One Kings Lane: For the avid wine and spirits drinker. Six cut-glass stoppers for practical use as well as unexpected decoration.

Feu de Bois (Smoky frankincense, notes of leather, sandalwood, pine) Reed Diffuser by One Kings Lane: Housed in a handblown art-glass vessel with hand-cut reeds, this diffuser fills your home with the bright, luxurious scent of sparkling grapefruit, Tuscan lemon, and ginger, beautifully balanced by calming rose, neroli, and verbena.

Anemone Gift Wrap by One Kings Lane: Illustrator Lana Frankel's love of beautiful paper and whimsical design led her to found Lana's Shop, specializing in prints and stationery featuring her own unique drawings. Printed on matte paper, this gift wrap features a charming anemone pattern on a navy background.