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Kitchens in 2024

Whether you’re working with a small kitchen in the city or are lucky to have a larger space than most, the kitchen is the heart of the home and should be treated as such. In my mind it’s the first room to invest in, which is the common theme among kitchen trends this year.

I’ve said before that trends in the interior design industry are more of an evolution rather than a revolution, and the kitchen is no exception. Every season since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve seen more of a push towards personality, accessibility, and customization. 

Some of my favorite kitchen trends for 2024 are:

The workstation sink

A sink that really functions is a must-have for the home cook. No matter how much or how little space you have, there is a sink out there that will fit your kitchen. Workstation sinks are specifically designed with multi-functionality in mind; perfect for space saving!

Image from Ruvati

Ruvati is a great source for sinks of all sizes. I love putting these into our city kitchens, as the accessories that come with them really expand our counter work spaces as well as truly assist in our daily lives. And the gunmetal or polished brass finishes make them into kitchen jewelry!

Color palette

Warmer tones are the current trend with green still being popular as ever. From Sherwin Williams we’re seeing more finishes in taupe and greige and the addition of bluish gray. If you love the traditional white kitchen, consider choosing warmer whites and neutrals!

Image from Sherwin Williams

Another lovely look is to combine painted cabinets with warm wood tones, as well as continuing the wood flooring from other areas of the home into the kitchen. 

Images from Julie Schuster Design Studio

Combinations of finishes are truly bringing today’s kitchens into the rest of the home in a spectacular way.

Customizing your appliances

So many luxury appliance brands are adding color to their lines, and homeowners are scooping them up! Check out some of these amazing new options from:

There are so many more options out there that we even wrote about it in our Top Appliance Colors blog.

Maximizing function

The more functionality in your kitchen, the more time, space, and stress you save. Doubling up on appliances such as ovens can make entertaining such a breeze. In some cases, multiple small appliances are better than one large one if space allows.

Another trend we are seeing is two kitchen islands, one dedicated for food preparation, and one for informal dining for family alone. 

Image from NKBA featuring Lynn Havlicek

Under-counter refrigeration is also great for families as one can be dedicated for children’s beverages, chilling wine or keeping fresh produce just right.



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