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Get Organized: My Favorite Storage Solutions from the Container Store

Updated: May 15, 2020

Human personalities are comprised of the Five Feng Shui Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Your dominant element is called your personal element. For example, I am a Metal Element. One of the aspects of my predominantly Metal personality is a penchant, perhaps verging on obsession, for structure and organization. I mean, is there anything sexier than an organized kitchen, office, or closet?

We recently moved into a new apartment that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of our previous home. After moving in, I had to quickly establish some order. Enhancing our storage plan was one of my first tasks. Our first stop: The Container Store – an amazing place to make your organization heart sing!

With so much to choose from, both in store and online, I was asked to compile a short-list of my favorite storage products. Some current highlights include:

  • Luxury Closet Starter Kit: Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of getting organized. This luxury closet starter kit is a great way to kick off your storage makeover. These beautiful linen storage bins not only organize, they make me smile whenever I open my closet. Talk about luxury.

  • Chrome 2-Tier Sliding Organizer: This sturdy sliding organizer is perfect for use under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Once installed at the base of the cabinet, the organizer pulls out smoothly to provide visibility and quick access to stored items. The second tier can be mounted to the left or right of the base to avoid pipes. No more achy backs here.

  • Chrome Pull-Out Cookware Organizer: Add professional-quality kitchen storage to your cabinets with this commercial-quality steel kitchen organizer. I have two side by side and it’s changed my entire attitude towards cooking.

  • 3-Tier Rolling Cart: I often have several clients with different projects running simultaneously. Between tile samples, fabric swatches, paint colors, and the rest of it, it can be hard to stay organized. For years now, I have loved using three-tiered rolling carts in my office - one per client. I keep everything in my client's individual bin so it’s easily accessible for the duration of our retainer. And I just love the variety of fun colors available here.

  • Nordic Phone Holder: I don't know about you, but COVID-quarantine has meant I’m spending more time online than ever before! I have been using my cell as a business phone for a while now. Having a chic stand like this one makes conference calls and online yoga classes so much more pleasurable.

  • Closet Door and Wall Rack: Why waste the inside of a perfectly good closet door? Organize while you accessorize. Available only at The Container Store, this Elfa Utility Door and Wall System provides endless options for storing jewelry, hair accessories, sunglasses even umbrellas. Baskets and hooks can be easily customized to suit your individual needs.

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** Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you. **

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