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Feng Shui Color Series: Passion for Purple

An auspicious color, I have heard of Purple being referred to as the “beige of Feng Shui”. Meaning that it is favored to be used in almost every section of the home. Like what I’ve said before in my Color Series Blogs, this color must be used with balance and care. This is especially important for such a powerful color as Purple.

Symbolism of purple

Purple is the color of the wealth and prosperity gua in the southeast sector of your home, great for attracting money into our lives. It’s also great to enhance your “Fame” gua, which refers to your reputation or how you wish to be perceived. It’s truly a powerful color; often recommended as a great wardrobe color for entrepreneurs.

The color purple is also highly spiritual, and the color of the crown chakra which is related to enlightenment and wisdom.

Where to use it

Since it’s based in the wealth and prosperity segment, purple is great in the home office. Not only will the color get you in the headspace for attracting wealth, but purple also stimulates creativity.

Photo by Erica George Dines, courtesy of House Beautiful

The dining room is also a great place to add purple since where we eat is said to be where we create health and wealth.

Photo by Julien Capmeil, courtesy of House Beautiful

Purple is created by combining cooling blue with fiery red, meaning it’s a balanced color, which is great for the bedroom! Sleeping in a room enhanced with purple is often felt to boost creativity and bring on a sense of well-being. This is why the color is associated with luxury and wealth.

Photo by Brittany Ambridge, courtesy of House Beautiful

This is true in a child’s bedroom as well, perhaps a reason that young children often say it’s their “favorite color”.

Photo by Julie Schuster Design Studio

Outside of the home, purple is a great color for medical office waiting rooms. The combination of serene blue and warming red creates a balanced atmosphere that is much appreciated by patients.

Photo by Julie Schuster Design Studio

Where not to use it

Since purple is an auspicious color, it’s more about balance. Purple can be great in a bedroom, but make sure it isn’t overpowering to the point of over stimulation. A cooler, pale purple works better for areas of relaxation as opposed to a warmer purple that you would use for the home office. I would also avoid the kitchen since that space already has an abundance of Fire Element.

How to incorporate into your home

Because of the power of purple and the Fire Element that it carries, a little purple in your space can bring a lot of ambiance. Trims, pillows, throws, or wall art with a pop of purple can go a long way, so start there!

Photo by Julie Schuster Design Studio

In spaces like the home office a purple wall color is appropriate, especially in combination with Metal Element colors like silver and gold since it attracts wealth.

Photo by Annie Schlechter, courtesy of House Beautiful

Once again balance is key, especially with a powerful color like purple. A special thank you to House Beautiful for the curation of images that helped create this blog.

Adding purple to your décor with intention and power will provide a powerful energy that will prosper wealth, success, and prosperity within the home. Want to learn more?



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