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Creating Positive Energy in Your Bedroom with Feng Shui

If you are going to practice Feng Shui in only one room in your home or if you’re deciding on what room to do first, the bedroom is a great place to start! There are many reasons for this:

  • It’s the room where we rest and renew each day which is critical to both emotional and physical health. It’s the very first room your eyes open in the morning, so what is in this space affects our entire day.

  • Creating harmony in the bedroom also can have a strong effect on our love lives – read more on this throughout!

How we arrange our furnishings and what we allow in here can have a powerful impact on our lives – so we truly want to create a harmonious space here. One that allows for restful sleep, nurtures, and supports every aspect of our lives.

Bed Placement:

All other furnishings in this space should really depend on placing your bed in the ideal location. Many refer to it as the command position and here’s what to remember when rearranging:

  • Do not the bed in direct alignment with the entrance door

  • Placement diagonal to the door is best

  • The headboard should be resting on a full wall

  • You want to be able to see the door when lying in your bed


A good headboard is also conducive to sound sleep as our unconscious perceives this as protection and support. So solid is good, with softly upholstered being a bonus. Placing the headboard on a solid wall is ideal, but if you need to place the headboard in front of a window then sturdiness and comfort should be a priority.

An alternative to a sturdy headboard in front of a window could be full drapes that can be fully closed to mimic a solid support at night.


Vary your light levels and get creative with it! Soft lighting or dimmable options are best; with side lamps instead of overhead lighting being ideal. This allows for a relaxing atmosphere to be created and restful energy to remain at all times. In other areas of the home, a balance of yin and yang energy is ideal. But the bedroom is the one space where we can abandon that and concentrate on quiet (yin) energy.

Color Choices:

Choose colors that match your energy and your intentions in life. If you’re unsure of what those are, then you can’t go wrong with calming neutrals or muted tones of dusty blues or pinks. These are not only calming but also conducive to productive relationships! If you have trouble sleeping and are anxious, bring in light neutrals for a calming effect. If you’re looking for a spark in a relationship or to live a more vibrant life and you already sleep well, try more saturated colors like reds and pinks to promote relationships or maintain positive energy in the ones you currently have.

Soft Surroundings:

One great way we can introduce more yin into the space is by adding plush and soft textures like upholstered headboards, cozy bedding, an area rug and soft window treatments. Soft surroundings add to the perception of a space that welcomes and comforts us.

Limit Electronics:

These are “rest robbers” either by tempting us to scroll endlessly or from the electromagnetic fields they create. Watch how many and how much of this you allow – and if you are not sleeping well, consider banishing all of them! At the very least, If you have a TV in your room, shut it down at least 1 hour before bed and keep your phone out of sight while you settle down for the night.

Support Relationships:

Symmetry helps create balance and harmony. Examples being two similar nightstands and table lamps and access around both sides of the bed. The point is also to signal to the universe that there is room in your life for another person. One way to do that is to empty a drawer or dresser in your room.

Eliminate Clutter:

This is important in every room, however probably most important here. Keep the energy positive by keeping tax returns, old letters from an ex, scary books, etc., out from under our beds – actually all items, if possible. If you must store things under your bed, try to keep them positive items. Whenever possible, keep your work life out of your sleeping space. Having your desk or work materials right next to your bed can make it difficult to separate the two emotionally. Meaning that work issues may subconsciously intrude on your rest time. Consider a folding screen or floating bookshelf between your desk and your bed if it’s not possible to move them to different rooms.

So while the seasons start to change, consider turning inward and resetting your bedroom for maximum rest and comfort. Sometimes all it takes is a few easy tweaks!



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