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Five Tricks to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

It’s no secret that a good morning routine will set you up for success throughout the entire day. It adds structure, reinforces life-changing habits, sets the tone for the day and gives your schedule a sense of forward momentum.

But did you also know that good morning routines are really just another form of Feng Shui?

Consider these 5 tricks to upgrade your morning routine and keep the good chi flowing all day long:

Start Your Day with Intention: Forget the snooze button, it’s not your friend. Rather, set aside that extra time in the morning to establish your goals for the day. What are you setting out to achieve? Where should you prioritize your energy? Are your actions aligned with your purpose? Remember, living intentionally means choosing what will serve your highest self!

Detox from Negativity: You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. Unfortunately, negativity has a way of sucking us in and draining our energy if we’re not careful. Protect your mornings from sources of negativity, whether it’s the news, social media, work emails or tensions with family or colleagues.

Get Your Blood Pumping: Stretching and exercise are great ways to get those positive endorphins flowing for the day. Have a designated spot for your exercise clothes to be laid out and ready for you in the morning so there are no excuses not to sweat. Vary your morning exercises to challenge and invigorate your body/mind. Make it non-negotiable!

Hold Off on Technology: As a Feng Shui advocate and practitioner, I strongly recommend clients declare bedrooms “device free zones.” And by devices, I mean televisions, smartphones and computers. Bedrooms are for rest and intimacy. In the mornings, they should even be used for meditation. Hold off technology for at least an hour if you can.

Leave Your Home Tidy: There’s nothing worse than coming home to a messy house. Take time in the morning to make your bed, put clothes away and leave things in an organized manner. Keep blinds and curtains open during the day to let the sun shine in. Sunlight is a powerful energetic disinfectant and works wonders while you’re out and about.

The time between waking up and facing the rest of the world is crucial to your mindset and will help you organize the lion’s share of your day. It’s time to take full responsibility for the power of your morning!



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