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Subzero, Wolf & Cove at the #2018BakkeCenter

As a creative professional, having the opportunity to visit places as engaging and inspiring as the Subzero, Wolf & Cove Factory and Corporate Kitchens in Madison, Wisconsin is a dream come true! With special assistance from the talented team at Subzero Group East here in New York, last month I had the opportunity to do just that.

While it is always good fun ticking a new state off your bucket-list, the true highlight of a program such as this is witnessing impressive brands like Subzero, Wolf & Cove in action. Touring the company’s pristine manufacturing facilities gave us a private behind-the-scenes insight into their amazing level of quality control. It became immediately clear why the friendly folks at their corporate headquarters confidently explain that their product is made to serve 20+ years! In fact, it takes them three times longer to test the product than it does to manufacture it.

Our group of budding designers were treated to several days of tours, classes and demonstrations showcasing the breadth of the Subzero refrigeration line (known for its perfect refrigeration environment), and the Wolf Brand, renowned for top-of-the-line cooking appliances. We had the opportunity to interact with designers and dealers from all over the county, and of course, were wined, dined and treated as honored guests for the duration of our stay.

Everything from the factory floor, to the soaring atrium at the entry, crowned with Chihuly sculptures, spoke of elegance and pride in this massive family-owned operation. Seeing how the company truly feeds off our ideas and input, especially in the area of appliance/home connectivity, was also very rewarding and inspiring as well.

A personal highlight of the trip was the time we were allowed to spend at Harvest Haven – their beautiful farm garden within the property. There, they grow much of the product that serves as inspiration to their team of professional chefs, headed by Chef Joel Chesebro. I am still dreaming about our final evening dining alfresco with all of the wonderful food while enjoying a fabulous summer evening with new and old friends. It doesn’t get much better than that…

Thanks to everyone that made the retreat such a joyful, rewarding experience. I can’t wait to introduce Subzero, Wolf & Cove products to our clients here in New York City!

Subzero group photo



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