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6 Common Feng Shui Mistakes (and Cures)

By now my readers know that Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of designing spaces so that they function in a state of harmony and balance. We know our surroundings have a powerful effect on what we attract into our lives. What we sometimes forget, however, is that when energy becomes unbalanced or blocked, our romantic relationships, prosperity, wealth, businesses, family harmony, and even our health can all suffer.

This blog identifies six critical Feng Shui mistakes I’ve see all too often in my practice as an Holistic Interior Design Consultant. Cure these common mistakes with the remedies below!

#1 Ignoring the Entryway

Is your foyer or hallway littered with shoes and bags? Your front door and entryway is considered the “Mouth of Chi” through which wealth and positivity enter your home. It also creates a critical first impression with household guests. Front doors should always open fully and smoothly. Invest in concealed shoe racks and coat stands while keeping things bright and clear. Free up space to let that “Good Chi” flow. If you have hall closets, keep them one third empty and feel your burdens melt away.

#2 Not Fixing Broken Items

If something breaks within your home – fix or replace it! This is particularly important when it comes to plumbing which represents the energetic flow that surrounds you and your family. Clogged drains and leaking faucets often reflect energetic blockages and will affect your financials, personal life, and health. Get that plumber on speed-dial!

#3 Mirrors Facing Each Other in Parallel

Two or more mirrors facing each other on opposite walls is not only distracting and dizzying, it creates a vortex of light energy that bounces in perpetuity. This can be remedied by removing one of the mirrors or adjusting the angle so that it’s less or greater than 180 degrees. For more information about how to decorate properly with mirrors, see my blog: “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.

#4 Electronic Equipment in the Bedroom

Phones, exercise equipment and televisions within the bedroom are perhaps the most common Feng Shui error I encounter. TVs in particular are notorious relationship-killers and the sound/light energy omitted from them can drastically alter your natural circadian rhythms (the biological function that helps us sleep). Keep the bedroom for rest and romance. You can thank me later.

#5 Leaving Walls Empty

Leaving walls bare, minimalist and colorless has, unfortunately, been trending these last few years. From a Feng Shui perspective, however, blank walls make it difficult to abandon yourself to pleasure. Take the time to carefully introduce artwork that uplifts, inspires, and warms the soul. Consider introducing color with a feature wall or graphic wallpaper. Ask yourself: “does this color or print bring me joy?”

#6 Keeping Items You Dislike

I see this all the time – clients displaying something they do not like, or no longer want, because it was a gift or family heirloom. In Feng Shui, items that you dislike attract negative energy and can make you feel resentful and unsettled. It’s OK to get rid of undesired gifts and move on. In the case of an unwanted family heirloom that’s taking up too much space, perhaps it will give someone else in the family joy instead?

Try these Feng Shui cures for yourself. Want to learn more? Follow the link below for a Feng Shui Residential Consultation. Remember, every home is unique and ultimately requires a bespoke application of these principles. Happy decorating! ­



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