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Feng Shui Gift Ideas

It’s hard to believe, but December is here – which means that the holidays are right around the corner! This year, give the gift of positive energy, wealth, and abundance. Give the gift of Feng Shui! This blog outlines some creative gift ideas sure to work for every budget:

Lucky Bamboo comes in a variety of forms and attracts auspicious energy to a space. It can survive in any amount of light and is almost impossible to kill (you’ve got to love that). Plants represent Wood Energy, making it perfect for someone in need of a breakthrough or who is wanting to boost their health in 2018.

Scented Candles are beautifully packaged, universal crowd-pleasers, and easily wrapped. Pick a color and scent to match the personality of the recipient. Other than lighting and your kitchen cooktop, candles are the strongest possible representation of the Fire Element – so consider giving to someone in need of a little extra excitement, energy, or romance. Brands I love include Diptyque, Byredo, and Cire Trudon.

Crystals and Stones make powerful and meaningful gifts because they reflect the intimate knowledge you have of a friend’s life and your understanding of their innermost needs and desires. Give clear quartz to a friend who is stuck or confused; rose quartz for someone whose heart needs a little healing; or agate for someone going through a rough time. (Tip: before giving your crystal, be sure to cleanse it using sage or by placing in the sun for a few hours – this will give it an extra boost of positive energy).

Framed Photographs depicting happy times will conjure loving memories for many years to come. The best gifts are meaningful and invested in their own story – pick a moment that was special and select a frame that works with the recipient’s décor.

Re-gifting is A-OK from a Feng Shui perspective because it removes things from your home and sends them to a place that they’re welcome. However, avoid re-gifting items that have negative feelings associated with either the gift or the original giver or else those, too, will be passed on.

Donating to a Charity is a gift solution for the person that has everything! Think carefully about the person’s background and interests and select an appropriate charity or organization. Everyone feels good knowing that gifts are going where they’re needed and appreciated most.

When in doubt, I always revert to the rule: “give the gift you’d love to receive.” Wishing you and your family a wonderful December and Happy Holiday Season!

Julie Schuster



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