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Seasonal Transitions

Lake landscape

The changing seasons represent a powerful shift in energy. It is in moments like these – when we can literally see the seasons changing before our eyes – that we can all find greater balance by making small tweaks to our décor, habits, and daily routines.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Spending time in nature as the seasons change helps your body acclimatize and prevent “shocking” your immune system. Exercise mindfulness by being aware of what is going on around you and practicing the power of intent. Fall is one of my favorite seasons for walking through Central Park and enjoying the foliage. Take the colors you see and bring them indoors.

Get Elemental

Each of the seasons correspond to one of the fundamental Feng Shui elements:

Wood (spring) – take a walk in the woods or pot a plant

Fire (summer) – get up early to watch the sun rise or light a scented candle

Earth (late summer) – walk barefoot in the last warmth of the summer sun or set up a Himalayan salt lamp

Metal (fall) – start a breathing meditation practice or hang a new mirror

Water (winter) – take time for introspection and deep thinking; water an indoor winter garden

Welcome the New

As funny as it sounds, transition is a constant. In Chinese philosophy, the seasons change along with the elements that dominate each season (see above). A year is four major transitions for Mother Nature herself, in addition to the many personal transitions we layer upon life. By welcoming the new, remaining open, and “going with the flow” of things, you will become a magnet for positivity.

Embrace the Season Through Your Home Decor

For a comprehensive overview of the individual seasons and how best to prepare your home, check out my previous blogs:

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Some Fall Decorating Ideas Include:

– Bring nature indoors by celebrate Fall’s Harvest (pumpkins, gourdes, ruby red apples)

– Declutter and reorganize (everything from your closet to your workspace)

– Donate unused clothing (pass on that positive “chi” by donating to a charity you love)

Remember, Feng Shui cures can wear out over time. Colors fade, furniture wears out, and lightbulbs blow. Even our preferences for décor/art change. That’s why we recommend renewing, readjusting and realigning every season. Whether you’re heading into fall or skipping into spring, make the most of the seasonal transition with the ideas in these blogs – your very own Feng Shui tool kit!

Central Park in the fall



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