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Feng Shui Personality Quiz

image by Khara Woods

Human personalities are comprised of the Five Feng Shui Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Your dominant element is called your personal elemental archetype!

Keep your elemental archetype in mind and nourish it through design with elements that match your personality. Remember, the goal of Feng Shui is to strike the right balance for you your family while aligning with Nature’s harmonies.

So which Element best describes you? Find out by answering these 8 simple questions:

Question 1: Which combination of words best describes you?

a) Charismatic, enthusiastic, empathetic

b) Stable, centered, solid

c) Precise, structured, efficient

d) Curious, watchful, introspective

e) Strong, flexible, confident

Question 2: Which combination of colors do you prefer?

a) Red, orange, purple

b) Light yellow, taupe, light brown

c) White, gray, silver

d) Blue, black

e) Green, brown, teal

Question 3: Which shapes are you drawn towards?

a) Triangles

b) Squares

c) Circles

d) Curves

e) Rectangles

Question 4: How would you describe yourself romantically?

a) Passionate

b) Grounded

c) On/off

d) Private

e) Dramatic

Question 5: What do you value most?

a) Clarity of expression

b) A sense of belonging

c) Organization

d) Ingenuity

e) Personal freedom

Question 6: Which household item can’t you live without?

a) Candles

b) Earthenware bowls

c) Mercury glass mirror

d) Water fountain

e) Plants

Question 7: Which idiosyncratic trait best describes you at work?

a) Irresponsible

b) Worrisome

c) Inhibited

d) Suspicious

e) Angry

Question 8: Which activity would you rather do?

a) Host an extravagant dinner party

b) Landscaping the garden

c) Traveling the world

d) Swimming in the ocean

e) Camping in the wilderness


Mostly A’s – You have a dominant Fire Element! You are loving, playful, passionate, and a natural born leader. You will succeed by becoming warm hearted and generous. Enhance your archetype with Fire, nourish it with Wood, or restrain it with Water.

Mostly B’s – You are guided by the Earth Element! You are stable, honest and diplomatic while caring about what is real, physical, and experiential. You will succeed by practicing mindfulness and living “in the moment.” Enhance your archetype with Earth, nourish it with Fire, or restrain it with Wood.

Mostly C’s – You have an abundance of the Metal Element! You are strong, independent, and a clear communicator. You will succeed by being less opinionated while gracefully accepting change and letting go of the past. Enhance your archetype with Metal, nourish it with Earth, or restrain it with Fire.

Mostly D’s – Your disposition is influenced by the Water Element! You are creative, sensitive, and reflective with a tendency towards introversion. You succeed by “going with the flow” but can often internalize deep feelings. Enhance your archetype with Water, nourish it with Metal, or restrain it with Earth.

Mostly E’s – You have the Wood Element prevalent in your nature! You are discerning, methodical, and disciplined. You will succeed by planning ahead, initiating new projects, and restraining anger. Enhance your archetype with Wood, nourish with Water, and restrain with Metal.

For a comprehensive assessment of your elemental archetype, consult your Feng Shui practitioner!

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