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Energetic Cleanses (& Other Springtime Tips for Your Home)

Spring breathes new life into the world around us. A recent article, featured this week in Vogue Living Magazine, spoke to this idea beautifully, in a very poignant and holistic way.

Treat these magical first few weeks of spring as an opportunity to energetically cleanse your home. Here’s how it’s done:

Step Out: The winter months are for rest and recovery. It is an important natural instinct to hibernate and keep close to our “nests” for safety and health during this time. However, it is just as important to step out into nature once spring arrives. Conversely, invite the outdoors in by opening up the windows, and displaying fresh flowers.

Make Space: Nature abhors a vacuum. If we make space in our homes and in our lives, then something new will come to fill it. This is where the “power of intent” comes into play. If you’re trying to attract a lover, leave a bed-side drawer empty. Trying to attract new business? Clear a space on your desk. See a pattern here?

Cleanse Old Energy: In order to make space in our homes for new energy, we must make space by clearing out the old energy. It’s important to note old energy isn’t the same as “bad” or “negative” energy. It is simply stale and time for it to move on. Check out my previous blog “Spring is in the Air” for a detailed explanation of how to use Feng Shui to spring clean your home, wardrobe, and business.

The Vogue article suggested a number of techniques for cleansing old energy that are worth mentioning here:

– Clear away clutter: “In nature, spring prompts trees and plants to sprout new buds—mimicking the natural flow of the universe; now is a good time to get rid of clutter and make room for new growth. On an emotional level, this means letting go of resentments and frustrations—and in our homes, this means getting rid of clutter.”

– Make some noise: “Use chimes and bells, sounding them over and over again until the room reverberates and feels full of the sound. You can use a Tibetan meditation bowl, a gong, chimes, a musical instrument, repeat a mantra, or simply play a song you like.”

– Light it up: “Using smoke from the embers of ancient medicinal herbs to ‘clear a space’ is called smudging, and the most popular plants to smudge with are sage and palo santo, which are both said to neutralize and lighten negative energy.” Interestingly, smudging is both a Native American ritual, and a Chinese one.

– The power of scent: “High-quality (essential oil) extractions are a wonderful, natural remedy for everything from ‘clean’ home cleaning to calming down or waking up… Rose geranium, lemon, and mandarin are all particularly cleansing.”

Goodbye winter, and hello spring!

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