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Getting Your Apartment Airbnb Ready

Airbnb has revolutionized lodging in New York City and around the world these last few years. As a tenant, it’s a wonderful way to experience a different side to a new city without the price tag of a full-service hotel. As someone renting out a space, it’s a great way to cash in on a spare bedroom or even an entire apartment by sharing a little of your hospitality, creativity and flair. I was recently asked by a client to help him create a lovely apartment to rent on Airbnb. So how does one begin?

Follow this Airbnb checklist to give your tenants an unforgettable experience and your bank account a boost:

Design + Decor

– Create an Inviting Space: A clean space with good energy and inviting colors will keep guests happy throughout their stay, netting you better online reviews which are key to a healthy AirBNB profile. Painting your front door a bold, unexpected color sends the message that your home is well cared for and will help make it stand out from the pack.

– Selecting Décor: Keep your décor as neutral as possible, removing any kind of religious iconography, political paraphernalia or deeply personal possessions. The trick is to “show personality, not personal items.”

– Go Lux: Your guests are looking for a “hotel-like experience.” Treat them to some luxury shampoo, a selection of invigorating teas and scented candles.

– Adorn with Flowers: Everyone loves fresh flowers. Need we say more?

Some Practical Matters

– Clean Your Home: An obvious, but important one. Make sure kitchens and bathrooms are squeaky clean, and that all beds are made up with fresh linens.

– Fix Hazards: Repair any safety hazards that could cause injury to a guest like exposed wiring or a loose fixture.

– Protect Your Valuables: Take valuable items with you or protect them in a separate, locked room. Screening both short and long terms guests using references and online reviews is an effective way to safe-guard against theft.

– Pay Attention to the Details: Equip your home for guests with plenty of clean towels, extra blankets, a first aid kit, and of course a guest WIFI password!

– Leave Detailed Instructions: Anticipate the questions you might ask as a tenant. How do I operate the air conditioner? How do I turn on the television? Is smoking allowed inside? Can I bring my puppy? The more written instructions you leave, the better.

– Be Selective: Choosing the right guests is important. The perfect tenants will be easygoing, respectful of your home and neighbors, and easy to communicate with. If a guest is dodging questions, a college student over spring break, or gives you a bad feeling for whatever reason – you may want to keep looking!

Starting your own Airbnb project is a fun undertaking that will give you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. In addition to being a great source of income, it will be an enjoyable project that will reward your creativity and hospitality skills.

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