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Marvelous Metal

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed (who isn’t)? Lacking clarity or direction? Then the fourth energy in our Feng Shui Element Series – METAL – might be right for you! The Metal Element is one of my favorite design tools when trying to introduce a crisp, fresh feeling to a home or office. Representing purity and precision, Metal’s focused and structured qualities make it an essential ingredient when starting a new business project or transitioning into a new phase of your life.

The Metal Element is nourished by Earth, nourishes Water, and is controlled by Fire. From a traditional Bagua perspective, the Metal Element is to be used in the West, Northwest and North Bagua areas of the home. As with everything Feng Shui, the key is balance! When overused, the Metal Element can create a space that’s both cold and induces anxiety. When underused, it may feel stale and promote indecisiveness.

10 Easy Ways to Introduce the Metal Element:

– Metallic Colors: Think in terms of pure white, light grays, soft pastels and of course metallic colors (gold, silver, copper, bronze) to achieve a crisp, clean feel. A gold feature wall can be incredibly effective.

– Circular Shapes: Metal’s symbolic shape is the circle – a mathematically pure shape whose line is infinite. Work with circular, oval, and arched shapes.

– Materials: Anything made of stone, rock, marble, natural crystals, and of course – METAL! Fabrics should be natural like cotton, velvet and silk.

– In the Kitchen: A gorgeous contemporary kitchen is one of my favorite ways of featuring the efficiency of the metal element while also incorporating a balance of the other elements.

– Metal Vases: Group several vases of varying heights together with metallic dishes and bowls for a dramatic effect.

– Metal Wall Art: One of the stronger ways to introduce the element. Be sure the art reflects who you are as a person and “makes sense” in the space.

– Metal Light Fixtures: The right pendants can give a chic, industrial feel to the space.

– Shiny vs Matte: Shiny metal radiates at a higher energetic frequency than dull/matte metals, though a combination is always advised.

– Metal Picture Frames: One of the simplest and most effective techniques!

– Warm Metals: Warm metallics boost the sophistication of a space and personify clarity/precision.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks when we complete our Feng Shui Element Blog Series with an exploration of the Wood Element. Happy Decorating!

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