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Spring is in the Air

spring clean·ing


1). a thorough cleaning of a house or room, typically undertaken in spring.


1). to clean (a home or room) thoroughly. For example, "it was Julie who spring-cleaned the apartment."

Do you feel that? Spring is in the air! It’s that magical time of year when Mother Nature emerges from her frosty hibernation and bursts into full bloom. While many dread the annual spring-clean that’s often associated with the season, as an interior designer and Feng Shui practitioner, it’s my favorite time of year to revitalize my home, wardrobe and business. Here’s how it’s done:

Spring Clean Your… Home

Over the winter, stagnant energy builds up throughout our homes in the form of dust and grime. A thorough clean of your house from top to bottom (with natural cleaning agents) is the way to go. Cleaning both around and under household items unclogs energetic blockages and lets the good “chi” flow. Pay close attention to the cleaning of windows and window treatments – this will help facilitate the flow of sheng chi (good energy). Recruit the whole family and the job will be done in no time!

Looking to boost your nutritional health? A deep clean of your refrigerator is most certainly is order. Throw out limp produce and those cooking sauces that expired many moons ago (you know the ones I’m referring to). Looking to revitalize your love life and get some restful sleep? Flipping your mattress and investing in some new linen will make all the difference.

Spring Clean Your… Wardrobe

Stagnant energy can manifest itself in your wardrobe too – this time in the form of clutter and over-worn clothing. By discarding or donating old clothes, you create space for new energy to flow (and let’s be honest, it gives you a good excuse to go clothes shopping too)! Rotate in your favorite spring/summer items, but be sure to dry clean your winter jackets before putting them up into storage.

Looking to get fit for summer? Pull your workout gear to the front of the closet and invest in some new runners. Now you’ve got no reason not to hit the ground running.

Spring Clean Your… Business

Your home and your wardrobe aren’t the only things that can benefit from a thorough clean this spring – your business will benefit too! It’s time to de-clutter and re-organize. That means throwing out any dried up old pens, discarding unnecessary paperwork, and of course – filing your taxes! Don’t know what to do with those piles of paperwork? Perhaps it’s time for your business to go digital? Saving electronic copies of things is a great way to save space and the environment. Applications like Dropbox or Evernote are useful for the digital transition – just don’t forget to back up, and back up regularly!

Want your business to grow and prosper in 2016? Bring in a money tree or any other living plant. This is a great time of year to introduce wood energies and will give you something to nurture and watch blossom in parallel with your work or business.

Feeling inspired yet? HAPPY SPRING CLEANING!

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