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Creating Effective & Inspiring Spaces for Kids

I often get asked about my approach to designing effective and inspiring spaces for children. While my methodology is guided by the principles of Feng Shui, it is important to customize the design to suit the personality of the child.

Let your kid express their own unique style by acknowledging and celebrating their passions! A child’s room will truly feel like their own if you involve them throughout the creative process and allow them to weigh in on your design choices.

In this child’s room, Fenway Park speaks to this family’s love of the Boston Red Sox. A score-board wall mural becomes a unique focal point:

High impact (but low cost) artworks are like icing on the cake, and add the right finishing touch without blowing the budget. Pull colors from the artwork and incorporate them in to the bedding (or vice versa). Oversized vinyl wall decals are a great way to boost the energy of a room, and won’t damage the wall paint when your child outgrows it. This custom sports wall mural supports the spirituality and self-knowledge gua in this boy’s room:

It’s no secret that kids love to play – so plan accordingly! Plenty of open floor space creates an irresistible arena for indoor activity, hopefully eliminating those rainy-weekend cries of “Mom, I’m bored!”

For tweens, incorporate an inviting desk or workspace into the room and those homework assignments won’t seem like such a chore. Decorate with books, stationary, and of course a functional lamp. The daughter’s bedroom pictured below mostly lies outside of the Bagua. By placing her desk, topped by a round mirror, along the line of the bedroom that is inside of the Bagua, we are giving her a grounding that allows her to “see” herself positioned INSIDE of her family, while allowing her the “wings” of her own independent flight. When she works at her desk, she will feel the strength of the family structure supporting her. The bold purple colorway supports and nurtures her “fire” nature and the button tufted desk chair, upholstered in a vibrant teal textured fabric, is perfect for growing tweens. The white upholstered headboard with nail head trim is a quiet, contrasting backdrop for the vibrant floral bedding:

Teenagers often respond to a more elevated sense of design and more restrained use of color. The bedroom below was designed for a teen girl who loves dance and music. White furnishings balance out the paisley/black bedding, animal lamp shade and images of trees:

The most important tip I can offer is to HAVE FUN! Infuse positivity and creativity into the design process by working with your children to create something special – the memories of which will last a lifetime!

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