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New Year, New YOU!

It’s hard to believe, but 2016 is well and truly here! For most of us, the New Year represents an opportunity for a fresh start – a new beginning. With the spirit of “self-transformation” still very much in the air, it’s not too late for an honest intrinsic assessment of your goals, milestones and ambitions for the months ahead.

One of my key resolutions for 2016 (and beyond) is to inject positivity into all that I do. By making a conscious decision to take control and change the energy around you, you create a platform from which love, money and creativity can blossom. This idea is one of the driving principals behind Feng Shui, and is something that I intend to practice in every facet of my life – the way I think, design and live:

THINK Positive:

Negative thoughts are now they enemy! They resonate at a low vibration and can significantly affect your self-esteem and even your immune system. Make it your mission to identify negative thoughts and extinguish them before they consume you! Clearing negative thoughts can be as simple as “looking on the bright side” or deleting an angry email. Try meditating for 15 minutes a day and practicing mindfulness as you complete tasks and interact with those around you. Stay in the moment as you move through your day. Being focused is a great way to enjoy each and every task!

DESIGN Positive:

Every color brings its own energy into a space. While there are so many different interpretations and meanings to colors, I often suggest starting with a personal favorite and working from there, or beginning by choosing colors that support and nurture your personal Chinese element. A simple piece of art can be a great way to inject positivity into a room too. Add something visual that talks to your spirit. Add soft materials (shag carpets and soft pillows are great) to increase your sense of security and comfort.

LIVE Positive:

Your home is your sanctuary! Clear that stale, lingering energy from 2015 by burning sage or performing an orange peel blessing ceremony. Even something as simple as opening a window or editing your wardrobe helps clear the air and invites positivity into your home. When it comes to air purification, I’m a big fan of Himalayan salt lamps. Do you ever hear the family TV blaring in the background, only to find no one watching it? Don’t be afraid to turn off the “idiot-box” and turn on some relaxing music instead. Music has many calming and therapeutic qualities that can help foster healthy relationships, boost positivity and increase self-esteem. Billie Holiday anyone?

How do YOU plan to inject positivity into your New Year?

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