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Your Guide to a Feng Shui Home Office

The home office continues to be one of the most popular trends in home design. In our

digital age, working from home is becoming more and more common. And why not? It

gives one so much flexibility, eliminates the rush hour commute, and for the

entrepreneur, can save a ton of time, money and aggravation, especially during the

start-up phase.

One key thing that should be done is to establish clear boundaries; in both placement

and time allotment. Ideally the office should inhabit a room clearly dedicated to work,

rather than a corner of another room that has other uses. While it is tempting to take

advantage of that easy “commute” to the office, you should have clear times that are

dedicated to work and stick to that schedule as much as possible, keeping home and

work separated.

From a Feng Shui perspective there are many things to keep in mind. Having a clean, clutter-free workspace has a profound impact on our emotional health and well-being,

reducing stress, helping to stay more relaxed and productive. Keeping clutter under control allows for the fresh refreshing energy to enter and revitalize your business, allowing you to see” possibilities much more clearly, attracting abundance.

Placing your desk in “command position” can have a profound effect on your home business. Command position allows you to see the entry door and as much of the room as possible. Generally speaking, the person sitting the furthest from the door in a room is the most powerful. Keep your power!

Also, facing directly out a window is often poor feng shui as well as a major distraction. Keeping the window so that you and turn and look out is good, while allowing you to not have the departing chi energy to be hitting you in the back of the head.

A good “cure” for not having a clear view of the entrance and the window is to place a mirror in your line of sight to allow you to see them without having to turn. A freestanding or wall mounted mirror will work.

I always recommend a balance of the 5 Elements through color and imagery.

You can either play up the element that represents you to “support and nurture” you in particular or use the colors related to the area of the baqua that the office inhabits, i.e., if you are a wood element then greens and blues are great, as are vertical stripes or uplights to represent the upward nature of trees. Also think about the balancing of all five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water, in your office.

Here are examples of artwork and imagery that you can incorporate into your home office space:

  • Earth- browns, orange and yellow colors. Low square or rectangular

  • shapes, horizontal patterns.

  • Fire – lights (both natural and illumination), red color, pyramid shapes

  • Water – black or navy blue, undulating shapes (paisleys, cloud shapes)

  • Wood – greens, blues, vertical stripes

  • Metal – greys, metallic, white in colors, mirrors, metal items

  • Surround yourself with objects and images that keep you inspired and

  • creative. Hang pictures with mottos that resonate with you or symbolize

  • what you want to accomplish. Add flowers or beautiful window treatments

  • (or both!)

  • Hang awards and diplomas where YOU can view them. Remember

  • your accomplishments; they will inspire you to do more!

  • Infuse your office with your personality – it will foster and support your personal growth

  • and success.

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