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Your Guide to Feng Shui Window Coverings

Is there a Feng Shui energy that we need to take into consideration in choosing our window coverings? Of course there is! What you put on your windows has an impact on the energy you invite into your home and your life just as much as any of the materials that you use in your decor. And some would say MORE!

Energy enters our homes through the front door, or the "Mouth of Chi", as we call it. But it departs our homes through the windows. This has both the potential for positive or negative. We don't want energy to stay indefinitely. Nor do we want it to enter and rush straight back out. Ideally it should meander, depositing good chi and then depart, taking the negative with it when it goes. What we place on our windows has the ability to be a cure of some of the ills of poor construction from a Feng Shui point of view.

First, and most important, before we cover them with ANYTHING we need to be sure that our windows are clean, unbroken and in good working order. Fresh, clean windows attract positive, clean energy. Dirty ones do the opposite. If a window is directly opposite the front door in your home, it invites the chi to rush straight through and out again. A window in that placement should have a shade or curtain on it to keep this from happening.

Sheer light window treatments allow the flow of natural light that encourages chi to flow in and out easily and without great impediment. Especially beneficial are the type of coverings that can lower from the middle and allow light in while covering the lower portion of the window.

Floor to ceiling windows have the harmful effect of leaving us feeling "ungrounded". This can be subconsciously very disconcerting, especially to those who are sensitive to energy. Uncovered windows at night are considered to be bad luck and are something that some are very sensitive to. Again, it is especially important in the bedroom for restorative, healthful rest.

When choosing material or colors to use on windows, it's important to consider the gua of the home that a particular window resides in:

  • Fame Gua - shades of red

  • Career Gua - Black or navy coloring

  • Children, Creativity - White or metallics

Windows are both the "eyes" of our home; and our "eyes" to the world. How, and with what we cover them has a large impact on our lives.

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