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Incorporating Feng Shui Into Your Beach House

The summer heat is starting to roll in, and now is the perfect time to escape the city and seek refuge at a summer home in Montauk, The Hamptons or Fire Island. When it comes to decorating your beach house, it’s important to create an inviting atmosphere with good chi that facilitates rest and relaxation.

A beach house is naturally a great place for Feng Shui as the beach represents both wind and water. Work with these elements and balance them throughout your home. As fire is the opposite is water, be sure to use the color red for a room in the house or in the elements of your design. Painting a southern room a sunset orange or using candles throughout the home are two great ways to invoke this element. If you want to incorporate water into the decor, try using shades of blue and black as an accent. Invite the sun into your living space by keeping the majority of your walls white or pastel in color.

As this is a place to go and forget about your worries, substitute sharp and jagged edges for soft curves that evoke images of water and serenity. Another way to promote relaxation is by working with gravity by hanging plants or introducing a sensible a hammock to swing and relax on. Welcome positive energy and fresh air by opening up your living spaces with French doors and allowing that natural light to flow in.

You deserve an escape from the city where you can relax, tan, and entertain your guests in a harmonious space. Good Feng Shui is key to creating a space where you can simultaneously clear your head while spending time with loved ones.

So get out there, enjoy the sun, and go for a swim! Happy summer decorating.

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