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A Simple Guide to Office Plants

Have you been feeling exhausted, drained or unmotivated at work? If so, your workspace could be lacking some much-needed “wood energy.” Introducing a simple plant is a great way to brighten your office, boost productivity and detoxify the air you breathe. With so many people working from home these days, plants are a great way separate your work and living spaces while subconsciously boosting your mood. For those of us without green thumbs, the local nursery can be quite a daunting place! Avoid any confusion with my top five picks for office plants:

– Peppermint: With its revitalizing minty scent, its no wonder peppermint has been scientifically proven to increase energy and alertness. Choose spearmint if you prefer a sweeter minty fragrance.

– English Ivy: So your office gets minimal natural light? No problem! English Ivy is easy to take care of and thrives in low-light areas. It is particularly well known as an “office air cleanser,” as it helps detoxify and neautralize volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that are released from computers and office equipment.

– Chinese “Money Tree”: While money plants come in many shapes and forms, each varietal thrives in natural light, is easy to take care of, and is a beautiful way to invite harmony and financial prosperity into your home. Take good care of it, and watch your plant flourish alongside your business!

– Lemon Balm: These fragrant fronds are powerful mood-boosters, which make them particularly good for highly stressful offices. Like peppermint, it can also be infused as an herbal tea!

– Terrariums: Remember when terrariums were cool in the 80’s? Well, like fluro and exercise gear, they’re back in fashion! Terrariums are self-contained ecosystems that are low-maintenance (not to mention easy and fun to build).

Don’t have time to buy one of these plants this week? Don’t stress. Everyone loves flowers!

I am more than ready for spring to arrive.... are you?

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