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Decorating with Glass

Photo: Charlotte Barnard/NemoTile, Michelle Slovak, Esther Sadowsky, Kent Brasloff/NKBA NY Metro Chapter.

The Color of Daum

A premiere Daum collection was recently on display by luxury floral designer, Emilio Robba, and hospitality interiors specialist, Pierre-Yves Rochon for the launch of a new flagship store at 499 Park Avenue. If you ever get the chance to see vintage Daum art glass in person, clear your schedule and go. Your mind will be lost in the colors of these Art Nouveau pieces, and your inner designer will be scrambling with ideas.

Daum is a crystal studio based in Nancy, France founded in 1878 by Jean Daum. After his death, his sons oversaw its growth during the burgeoning Art Nouveau period, quickly becoming one of the major forces in the movement, seriously rivalling Gallé. The most complicated creations also feature applied glass elements, such as handles and ornamental motifs in naturalistic forms. Daum is recognizable by the revived Egyptian method pâte de verre glass casting, still used today.

How to Use Glass in Your Home

Whether it’s hand-blown art or a simple jar, colored glass retains the simplicity of the material while adding an incomparable luster. Colorful glass pieces bring instant beauty to your home, because glass doesn’t block light. It’s hard to beat the effect sunlight has on glass in general, but with colored glass, it’s like an electric rainbow.

Places to try glass:

  • Barren surfaces (use one bold piece)

  • Out-of-reach exposed storage shelves

  • Clear shelves in front of a window

The best part of decorating with glass, is that it can be very inexpensive. A functional, colored mason jar can be just as beautiful as a major art piece. Daum can be an investment, or something to seek out at estate sales, but at least let it inspire you to try decorating with glass.

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