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10 Plants & Flowers That Will Rejuvenate and Energize Your Home

Hopefully I’m not jinxing it, but it looks like winter is FINALLY over. This season felt like an endless onslaught of rain, slush, and snow, making the celebration of spring even more paramount. If you’ve felt unmotivated to hit the gym or switch over your closets, it’s possible the energy in your home is in need of an adjustment.

The shortest path to boosting the energy in your living space is by incorporating indoor and outdoor plants. Not only do they improve the quality of the air we breathe, certain plants improve specific types of energy. Plants are representations of wood, the Earth element, and possess positive, rejuvenating yang energy, which is exactly what we need this time of year.

For The Entrance

  • Jade Plant: Attracts money and prosperity. Best placement is near the door.

  • Lotus: promotes purity, spirituality, and moral strength. When arranged near the entrance, these flowers promote positive throughout your home. The Lotus has also grown to be associated with the Buddha and is believed to provide knowledge and enlightenment around where it is kept.

For The Office

  • Silver crown: One of the most lucky plants in feng shui.

  • Money Plant: symbolizes prosperity, income and good luck.

For The Living Room & Meditative Space

  • Chrysanthemum: This easy-to-grow, yellow flower is held in great regard in Chinese and Japanese culture. Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism. Avoid placement in the bedroom (possible energy conflicts).

  • The Lily: promotes harmony and happiness, and has a calming effect. Another good placement is in a meditative space.

  • Magnolia: a symbol of purity, love, and wealth. Full trees can also be planted in the front yard to attract prosperity.

For the Bedroom

  • Chinese Blossom Flowers: These are used for growth and optimism to begin a new year. The presence of these flowers at home can promote goodwill, happiness, and promote romance between couples.

For the Garden

  • Peony: Represents optimism and spring, and helps draw relationships to the house. A person looking for love can plant peonies in the southwest corner of the garden or place cut peonies in the southwest corner of the house.

  • Plum Blossom: symbol of purity, and long-lasting good fortune. The fragrance also helps a person develop a positive chi. Plum trees should be planted in auspicious areas like the north or the northeastern sides of the house.

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