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IFDA Event - January 24-28

The International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA) is the only all-industry association whose members provide services and products to the furnishings and design industry. IFDA organization aims to improve the stature and over all wellbeing of the design industry. Being an IFDA member I recently had the pleasure of attending an event at Resource Furniture in Manhattan.

Catherine Dash of Lonny Online Magazine led us through an insightful and interesting recap of the recent Maison & Objet Paris show, held January 24-28. Below are some of the trends that I noted from the show:

Paris Flea Market

  • Mid-Century furniture and décor

  • Wood/Marble combination tabletops

  • Wood/Marble combination accessories

  • Cactus, cactus, cactus

Maison & Objet Show

  • Microprint patterns

  • Mustard Yellow & Coral

  • Copper for kitchens and bathrooms

  • Matte Black countertops and tables

  • Bold stripes of B&W or bright colors

  • Mixed media glass

There was a consistent mix of traditional and modern design at the show. One of the most prevalent was in the carpet design. Some of the more memorable designs were spacey brought to mind a solar system. Amorphous and sometimes broken shapes gave a modern feel to a normally classic design.

The event showed a wide range of design and creativity while continually paying tribute to tried and true aspects of interior design. It’s nice to see sleek looks that throwback to the classic minimal designs to which we’ve grown accustomed. Some of the best designs are the kinds that use what works from the past and mix in a modern flair.

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