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Starting 2020 with Reflection and Gratitude

The holidays are here, and a new year is right around the corner. 2020 marks the beginning of a powerful new decade, bringing with it the promise of change, a fresh start and revitalized energy. In Chinese astrology, it will be the year of the white metal rat, a sign filled with optimism, renewal, prosperity and luck.

As a Feng Shui practitioner and holistic designer, I encourage my clients and readers to consider design strategies that foster reflection and gratitude, especially when heading into the new year. My approach is three-fold: cleanse old energy, set resolutions with intention and reflect with gratitude!

Cleanse Old Energy

Over the year, stagnant energy accumulates throughout the home in the form of dust and waste. A thorough clean and de-cluttering of your house from top to bottom before year’s end is the way to go! Wondering whether to “keep or throw” a particular item or piece of clothing? Ask yourself “have I used or worn this within the last year?” If the answer is NO, then it’s time to go! De-cluttering in this way unclogs energetic blockages and lets the good “chi” flow. On a more spiritual level, energetic “cleanses” can be performed by burning incense or white sage throughout the home or by performing an orange peel blessing ceremony. This removes negative influences and helps correct and compensate for known and unknown Fen Shui defects.

Set Resolutions with Intention

Whether you’re an advocate of new year’s resolutions or not, one thing is clear – “where the mind goes energy flows”. Perhaps you’re chasing a dream job or ready to meet the love of your life. Whatever your goal, you must visualize it in order for it to happen. When you think about it, establishing new year’s resolutions is just another way of applying the Law of Attraction! Think about your goals and how it will feel to achieve them. Commit them to paper in a journal or represent them visually using a dream board.

As an interior designer, I’m a very visual person. I frequently use vision boards with my clients, either physically with cardboard cut-outs or digitally using platforms like Pinterest. Revisit your dream boards weekly to stay on track and infuse it with positive energy.

Put Some Gratitude in Your Attitude!

The benefits of practicing gratitude are endless. People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to acknowledge and reflect upon the things they're thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, get better sleep, express more compassion and kindness and have stronger immune systems. Set up a corner of your home to express gratitude in daily. Surround yourself with positive images, crystals and plants.

In the spirit of giving thanks and practicing gratitude as we are now in the holiday season, I want to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues, readers, friends and family for joining me on this exciting journey as an interior designer in NYC. With some exciting projects already in the works, 2020 is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever.

All best wishes for a happy, healthy new year!

xo Julie



Julie and her team have a passion for creating beautiful, engaging and functional spaces, focusing on both the physical as well as the emotional well being of your environment. Click on the links below for package details:

Whether it is directing the flow of chi through the arrangement of furnishings, design or colors; Julie and her team can help you to create the spaces that support your vision of a balanced life, rich in the areas that matter to you.

A well designed environment boosts employees' performance, promotes efficiency and creates a comforting space for incoming clients.

There is no second chance to make a good first impression. When the time comes to sell or rent your home, ease the transition and maximize return by helping your home look its very best.

Universal Design is the concept of creating a thoughtful space for all people, regardless of their age, size or ability. Universal Design is a perfect design solution to pursue because of the comprehensive features that endure throughout a life span.

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