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Make Your Home Cozy for Winter with Feng Shui

In this season of the Water Element, with the natural feeling of turning inward and hibernation, it's a great time to think about ways to make our homes more cozy and comforting by tapping into our more personal needs. This seasonal transformation is personal, but we have some ideas on how you can get started on your cozy retreat.

Adjust the Acoustics: Dampening unwanted noise is a great way to reduce stress and create an atmosphere that is easy to settle into. And luckily, there are a variety of ways that you can do this!

  • Adding rugs: Adding a cozy rug will do more than dampen sound, it’ll also add some much needed comfort for the winter time. Prioritize rugs with natural materials if you can.

  • Thicker drapery: Drapes are a very effective way of reducing noise from the outside. Another upside is that they’re a great way to insulate the home during warmer months.

  • Invest in a noise machine: If the above isn’t enough, noise machines do an excellent job of blocking out stressful noise. The Snooz White Noise Machine is a sleek looking, budget friendly choice with plenty of great reviews. If you’re looking for something more high-tech, I recommend the Restore Smart Sleep Assistant that can do much more than create white noise.

Add Color Mindfully: Deep colors are soothing, and warm hues invigorate the space and help combat the dreary winter days. When adding color to enhance or dampen an element (in this case, adding Fire to dampen Water) it is important to do it with intent. Too much desaturation may cause those winter-blues, and too much vibrancy may cause some avoidable anxiety. I recommend adding warm, desaturated hues like dark oranges, reds, and warm browns.

Pops of Fire Element reds look lovely paired with Earth tones, and will easily dam any areas that have too much Water Element.

Embrace Light: With the winter solstice still ahead of us, it’s going to be dark for a while. Adjust your lighting in the meantime by using warmer bulbs, and making sure the ones in your lamps are 2700k. The Holiday Season is a great excuse to fill dark corners with twinkle lights, so embrace it!

Invite Fire Element in by the way of candles, fireplaces (if you have access), and certain incense sticks. This is a great opportunity to invest in high-quality candles such as ones made of beeswax that naturally clear the air. As for incense sticks, I love the all-natural Quoth the Raven Incense from Sea Witch Botanicals. The scent profile is created with Fire Element in mind, and most importantly there are no plastics in their products.

Surround Yourself with Joy: This is personal to each person, and can manifest in a variety of ways. One of my favorites being scent pots and simmering soups that bring forth happy memories.

Think of things like family photos, tchotchkes, beloved books, art, flowers, the list can go on! This is a chance to embrace your winter nest and don it with love and light.

For additional ideas, check out our past blog: Feng Shui Ideas for Winter

Wishing everyone a warm and restful month as we end the year.



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