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Feng Shui Ideas for Winter

Winter’s frigid temperatures and short days needn’t make your lives miserable or depressing. As lovers of holistic interior design, we have the ability to harness greater energies through the power of Feng Shui that will help soothe and eliminate the more chilling effects of the season.

Winter is the season for introspection and hibernation; a time for you to slow down and attend to your own personal needs rather than worrying about everyone else’s. This is your opportunity to transform your home into a cozy nest of warmth that will ignite your spirit, invigorate your senses, and help you harness your creative energies for the spring.

With a few small tweaks, you too can awaken the sensory potential of your home and bring in a greater sense of warmth on every level. Here’s how it’s done:

Get Fired Up!

Note: This is NOT an invitation to get angry; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Introduce the Feng Shui element of FIRE by way of candles, a well-lit fireplace (if you should be so lucky), and red/orange hues wherever you see an opportunity. Beeswax candles in particular are preferable as they release negative ions as they burn helping to clear the air of static energy. By cleansing the air, you will be allowing your mind to clear too! Warm colors help to combat the hazy shade of winter, hence greys, purples and blues should be kept to a minimum (hint: save them for the summer). A simmering pot of soup or stew is always a great idea, as it will fill your home with mouth-watering aromas and give you and your family some hearty nourishment – YUM!

Let There Be Light

Varying your light sources is an easy way to help lift your spirits on a subconscious level throughout the winter. Employ a mixture of overhead fixtures, task lighting, floor lamps and up-lights throughout your home and office to achieve an invitingly warm glow. Counterbalance the effect of ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ by installing full-spectrum bulbs that provide natural light similar to the sun helping you to feel more alert and energetic.

Pay Attention to Texture

Studies have shown that we form impressions of our life and of other people based on the textures of an environment. Think about a cozy rug for your bedroom or sitting area, prioritizing natural materials wherever you can. Artificial rugs can give off toxic gas that pollute closed environments and make you sick. Look for Tibetan or tribal rugs made of natural fibers and dyes.

Spice Up Your Life

Spices are a fantastic go-to for an instant feeling of warmth and invigoration. Patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood and sage are particularly revitalizing and can be incorporated everywhere from room scents to soaps. Try introducing spices to your diet as well! Chai tea is a perfect elixir that will warm you from the inside out. Adding a cinnamon quill, nutmeg, or even chai spice to your morning coffee will have a similar effect. Serve using beautiful ceramics that will give you a sense of stability though the strength and solidarity of the Earth element.

With a few subtle tweaks, you too can transform your den into a cozy nest of warmth that will help recharge your batteries for the spring. Stay warm, NYC!

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