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How to Positively Impact the Energy of Your Workspace with Feng Shui

Why is positive energy so important in our workspaces? Let’s start with the basics – everything is made up of energy. We can’t always see it. We can’t always hear it. But it’s there. Within the workplace, energy is powerful enough to create your success or precipitate your misfortune. In many ways, HOW you contribute to your professional environment is just as important as WHAT you contribute to it.

Unless you are self-employed, working from home or the CEO of a large company, it is unlikely you will have the opportunity or resources to design the perfect workplace environment from scratch. Having said that, the tradition and art of Feng Shui affords us multiple tools and strategies that can be used to enhance the energy flow and functionality of ANY workspace. And with many of us still, at least partially, working from home, designing supportive, high-energy workspaces has never been more critical.

Creating an environment that is both nurturing and invigorating from a Feng Shui perspective includes: Five Element Theory (i.e., sensitively balancing Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Elements) and deliberately inserting colors, shapes, textures and mantras that speak to us on conscious and subconscious levels. Purposefully introducing Feng Shui Elements with the clear intention of enhancing clarity, functionality, efficiency and prosperity reinforces its effect within the environment itself.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with my good friend and colleague Regina Huber (Founder, Transform Your Performance) about how to positively impact your energy at work using Feng Shui. Here is a selection of actionable tips I shared with Regina and her global audience:

  • Use Color to “Fuel” the Fire Element: Fire represents the area of the Bagua that addresses the face we choose to project to the world and allows our uniqueness to shine through. Emphasizing the Fire Element in our workspaces is a great way to seen and heard in our true light. It also gives us greater visibility in the world. This special combination of truth, light and clarity is an exceptional energy worth facilitating. Add some Fire to your décor using shades of red, bright orange and yellow. This can be achieved through desk accessories, cushions, art, bookshelves and books – whatever works within the space. Feeling bold? Paint an accent wall red. Fire colors I often recommend include: Juneberry SW6573, Crabby Apple SW7592, and Heartthrob SW6866 from Sherwin Williams.

  • Avoid “Flooding” the Water Element: Water is the element of emotion and wisdom, particularly the wisdom of age. It represents a time past the peak of livelihood, moving toward the end of the cycle. With this in mind, and remembering that Water “douses” Fire, the workplace is certainly somewhere to avoid adding or emphasizing the Water Element as we want to ramp up positivity – not dampen it. Avoid using dark blues/blacks and undulating shapes.

  • Provide Support with a Strong Backing: You can produce strong Feng Shui backing by positioning your chair so that your back is against a solid wall. If this isn’t possible, try placing a row of lush plants behind your seating area. Choosing the right chair is also critical. A comfortable chair with a high backing is ideal for Feng Shui. It’s believed that a high back creates support and protection. I am a big fan of standing desks, as well. Did you know that standing for three hours each day at work instead of sitting uses the same amount of energy as running ten marathons a year? Standing desks helps us to be “quicker on our feet”, more energized and less sedentary.

  • Layer Your Lighting Sources: Numerous studies have shown that natural light in office spaces improves worker satisfaction and productivity. Health and productivity benefits include: reduced eyestrain; less headaches; improved mood; less drowsiness; and fewer mistakes. Using natural light as your foundation, layer in ambient and task lighting to optimize performance and improve energy flow.

To learn more about how to optimize the energy flow of your workspace, click here to check out my full interview with Regina Huber.

Are you ready to elevate the energy of your office?

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