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Finding Your Balance: The Feng Shui Staircase (Part 2)

Many moons ago, we published a blog titled “Step by Step: The Feng Shui Staircase”. With more than 7,500 unique views, it has been our most successful and widely read blog post to date. Staircases are particularly difficult structural features to navigate for Feng Shui designers because they omit continuous undulating waves of up/down energy that can disrupt the balance of the surrounding areas and the home as a whole.

Today, we wanted to take a moment to share with you some more “dos and don’ts” for successful Feng Shui staircase design. Remember, these are general guidelines, not rigid rules – every home must be considered on its own merits and harmonized within its own context. Whether you’re purchasing or designing a new home, or simply looking to tweak your current one, these tips are for you!

I. Identify the “Mouth of Chi”

One of the most important areas of the home to identify, support and nourish is the front door or “Mouth of Chi”. This is the primary entry point for external energy to enter the home. When a staircase is placed directly opposite or in line with the Mouth of Chi, fresh energy comes in but may race up and away, rather than resting and then spreading throughout the home auspiciously, as desired. The goal is to suspend this racing motion as it can result in good chi not staying to be deposited into our lives (e.g., bad luck and diminished finances).

II. Balance the Energy Surrounding Your Staircase

If your staircase is fixed in an unfavorable position – don’t worry – an expensive remodel isn’t the only solution. There are several simple and effective ways to shift and correct the “chi” or energy surrounding and emanating from your staircase:

  • Enhance Brightness and Expansivity: Removing clutter and adding a bright/functional light fixture above the staircase and/or entry foyer will allow the chi entering your home to expand and move more easily. A crystal light fixture will cause good energy to enter and bounce off it and throughout the living area.

  • Use Mirrors Strategically: Like crystal (above), mirrors also redirect energy. Experiment with mirrors in various positions and assess how it enhances or reduces the size of the space. Typically, placing a mirror at the top of the stairs facing the front door will create the desired feeling of expansiveness. If mirrors are placed directly and closely in front of the Mouth of Chi, the energy will bounce right back out.

  • Ground Energy with a Rug or Runner: Place a rug at the base of the stairs to stabilize the flow of energy and anchor the region. Consult your Feng Shui Advisor to determine what Feng Shui Element or Elements are lacking within the space and source rugs in those colors to achieve greater balance.

III. Enhance Functionality for All

It goes without saying that staircases must be sturdy and in solid working condition – not just for Feng Shui harmony but for safety, as well. Make sure the staircase is unobstructed and is wide enough for everyone to use easily. The steps should be comfortable to use (i.e. not too steep or too shallow). Install handlebars that can be gripped easily for people that require additional support when ascending and descending the stairs. Overlap and interweave Feng Shui and Universal Design best practices to accommodate harmony and balance for all ages and mobilities.

Want to know more about how your staircase is affecting the balance and harmony of your home? Set up an individualized Feng Shui Consultation today!



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