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Step by Step: The Feng Shui Staircase

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Staircases have unique energetic properties and often present major challenges for Feng Shui designers and consultants. This is because staircases omit constant waves of unsettling “up/down energy”, which vary depending on their design and location within the home.

If you’re lucky enough to be designing a home and floorplan from scratch, there are 3 key takeaways for your consideration:

1) Staircases at the center of the home are bad Feng Shui. Imagine the center of your home as its heart. Sooner or later the center heart will become exhausted by the constant “up/down energy” omitted by the stairs. This will ultimately reflect itself in the energy of the people living, or working, in the space.

2) Staircases should never be aligned with the front door. Main doors are called “The Mouth of Chi” since this is how the house primarily absorbs its much-needed energy and nourishment. When you align the frenetic energy of a staircase with the incoming energy from your entrance, you create a home that feels rushed, unstable, and unsettled.

3) Avoid staircases in your Love (South West), Money (South East), and Health (East) bagua regions.

If the location of your staircase is not up for debate, there are still Feng Shui cures that can help reduce its negative effect:

– Make an effort to emphasize the Wood Element, and avoid the Metal Element in the design of a staircase in the East bagua region.

1 - Farrah Chandelier: Metal Element (Click image to learn more)

2 - Rattan Pendant: Wood Element (Click image to learn more)

– Work with your interior designer to create a staircase that projects a sense of stability both visually and energetically. This will help reduce negative Feng Shui impact.

– When working on creating good Feng Shui in your home, always integrate cures that “work with” your current décor and style. Cures should only be chosen that make sense within the context of the entire home.

– Use surrounding walls to display photos and art in solid, strong frames. This will help ground the region.

1 - 4 piece Seascape Set (Click image to learn more)

2 - Jute Rug (Click image to learn more)

– Install lighting with a strong presence to calm the energy and increase visibility. Decide between one big, dramatic chandelier or several aesthetically pleasing wall sconces – whichever takes your fancy.

1 - Modern Rain Wall Sconce (Click image to learn more)

– Consider adding lush potted plants to maximize the impact of landing areas.

– Staircases can benefit from the cool, calming effect of the Water Element. Framed mirrors, art depicting waves, and small water features are simple, effective ways to do this.

1 - Katonah Mirror: (Click image to learn more)

2 - Squall Framed Canvas Art: (Click image to learn more)

When in doubt, consult your Feng Shui professional. That’s what we’re here for.



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