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Feng Shui Color Series: Embracing Fall with the Color Brown

As we’re entering a season of change it’s important that we ground ourselves and practice the self care that will help us thrive during the autumnal season. The color brown is synonymous with Earth Element, which is believed to play a key role in maintaining hope, health, and inner balance as well as grounding and increasing mental activity.

Symbolism of Brown

In Feng Shui, brown tones represent the natural transition between seasons. On the Bagua map, these relate to the guas of Tai Chi: health and balance, spirituality, self-knowledge and our primary relationships. Brown is considered a quiet color, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Much like the natural world, the color brown is a constant and when utilized correctly, can ground us in a way that opens our souls to the other elements.

Where to use it

With respect to Feng Shui positioning, brown and other Earth tones work best in the Southwest, Northeast, West and Northwest bagua regions of the home or office. Earth element is created by Fire element, so consider pairing the two in a home office to increase productivity, or in the bedroom for added romance and passion.

Where not to use it

Sometimes too much brown can be suffocating, and in a literal sense, Earth weakens Fire Element if there is too much of it. A productive home office can turn into a gloomy pit, or maybe the bedroom makes you more sluggish than restful. There’s no one room to not use brown or Earth Element, just have a keen eye and make sure all elements at play are harmonious.

How to incorporate it

Paint is always a great option for making a colorful impact quickly and efficiently. For this I love the Warm Neutrals collection from Sherwin Williams.

With cottagecore being in-trend, there is no shortage of lovely browns out there from fabric, to art, to dishware. The images below are examples from West Elm.

Another great way to incorporate brown is to replace some of the black accents in your space to a dark, chocolate brown. Again, balance is key and the color Black also has a part to play.

Adding brown to your décor with intention and power will provide a grounding energy that will prosper hope, health, and fuel passion within the home. Want to learn more?



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