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Feng Shui Color Series: Bountiful Black, The Water Element

For many people, the color black is a visual constant in life. It often becomes the canvas upon which we decorate our homes, outfits, and our tech. Black is all around us. In Feng Shui black represents the water element, which is related to stillness, wisdom, quiet, and deep contemplation. It’s connected to the Career area of the Bagua, or what I like to call our Path in Life.

Mindfully applying black

Like water, black has many hidden depths to it, and should be applied with mindfulness and deliberation in our home décor. For example, when applying black in your space, make sure it is a pure black rather than a deep shade of another color. Another consideration is its representation to the water element. Black should never be painted on ceilings since it ultimately represents water being over your head. Water element and the color black are strong, and the point is to utilize it rather than let it take over you.

Where to use it

The rooms in our homes most resplendent in water element are the kitchen and bathroom (easy to understand why). It’s also symbolic of depth and the coming together of all things, which makes the kitchen a very appropriate place. Associated with direction North, it is considered auspicious to use black in the north sector of a home or a room.

What it represents

In Feng Shui black represents wealth, depth, and personal exploration. This is why a black accent wall in a home office can be both visually striking as well as useful. Accents of black bring visual drama and wisdom into the space. Black is a power color that requires speculation and intent. In Feng Shui, intent is at the core of everything we do.

Decorating your space

Being the sum of all colors, it works well with almost all hues and decorating styles. It’s also considered as classic and so often a choice when decorating for resale or general overall appeal. And it can work very well when applied judiciously. So from a balance perspective, if you decorate these rooms with black, you must also add earth element and fire element to “dam up” or “redirect” the overabundance of water element. Reds and earth tone oranges, beiges, and yellows are color balances as well as pyramid and star shapes (Fire element). To bring out the water element I suggest decorating with round objects such as bowls, fountains, and even certain sink fixtures to bring out the wealth aspect.

Of course, too much black can just be visually depressing and depleting. So again I am stressing to use the color with as much intent and deliberation as you can. Certain rooms such as children’s rooms or areas of relaxation typically don’t call for much black. Most importantly, have fun with it while creating a statement personal to you as the color and the water element that is tied to it.



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