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Bath Trends

The term “trend” often gets a bad rap in conversations about interior design as it can easily be associated with sudden, surface level movements, but I’d like to think of design trends as an evolution. Interior design evolves in a way that revisits the old, and makes them new again in a modern lens. For this week’s blog we’ll be exploring bathroom trends with the same evolution.


Color is a cyclical trend that evolves constantly and can easily make your space timeless with a quick stroke of a brush or a decor swap. Earth tones and Biophilia have been a hot trend recently, and from a Feng Shui perspective, that’s been very useful. Sherwin William's Living Well Collection: Balance is a great example of a biophilic pallet.

Sherwin William's Living Well Collection: Balance

I often recommend Earth tones for bathroom design to assist in Feng Shui and elemental balance. The color green has been incredibly popular, which makes it easy to utilize Biophilia to create a serene bathroom space. Consider adding a high humidity plant into the space with a decorative pot.

Katka Pavlickova - Unsplash

For a more involved project, sandstone and terracotta make for restful and sophisticated palettes for bath tile.

Julie Schuster Design Studio

Wet Rooms

As part of the movement toward creating “Forever Home” environments, wet rooms are wonderful where space allows.

Larger shower cavities that can accommodate wheelchair turnaround space, and also allow for crutches or walkers are not only beautiful but accessible as well. It’s another timeless trend that will grow and evolve with your needs. It’s lovely to add a freestanding tub into the wet room space as well.

Pedestal sinks

Of course we can’t forget the small spaces and the trends that come along with it. One of those trends is to turn your sink into an art project! Decorative pedestal sinks are durable, timeless, and a great way to add a historical reference much like the D'Vontz Victorian style pedestal from my 108th Street renovation

Julie Schuster Design Studio

Or the wall mounted, self lighted options from Robern.