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Your Feng Shui Friendly Bathroom

From a traditional Feng Shui perspective, bathrooms have a bad reputation as they are thought to drain and flush away positive energy. This is because “chi” (or positive energy) is represented by water which will either sit stagnant or flow down/out bathroom pipes and drains.

However, embracing a more contemporary Feng Shui perspective in my practice, I think it’s important we feel fabulous in EVERY room of the house – especially the bathroom!

When designed correctly, a bathroom can transform into a luxurious, spa-like escape, that supports relaxation and rejuvenates the spirit:

– Introduce the Earth Element: Bathrooms are overflowing with the Water Element which is represented both by running water and mirrors. Shades of orange, yellow, taupe, and browns in the form of feature walls or towels are a wonderful way to introduce the Earth Element that will “dam” the abundance of water.

– Protect the Chi: Prevent positive energy from escaping by keeping your bathroom door closed, drains covered, and the toilet seat shut (the latter is also just good manners)! Leaking taps should be fixed ASAP or watch your money "drain away.”

– Don’t Skip on Quality: Investing in quality bathroom products will not only look good, they’ll make you FEEL good too. Brands I love include Lefroy Brooks for sinks and faucets, Robern for sleek vanities and mirrors, MHH&B for bathtubs and tiles, and Waterworks for ultra-chic bathroom accessories.

– De-Clutter: Commit to a clutter-free bathroom by keeping surfaces clean at all times. Personal items should be concealed in vanity drawers and cupboards. When it comes to throwing out old toiletries, be ruthless! My rule is if I haven’t used it in 6+ months, it belongs in the trash.

– Shine Shine Shine: Ensure your bathroom receives plenty of sunlight and fresh air (both are wonderful disinfectants and natural energy boosters). Orchids are wonderful air purifiers too and look beautiful atop a vanity.

– Indulge and Relax: Think about your last visit to the spa. What products made the experience extra special and relaxing? Treat yourself to quality towels, bath mats, robes and scented candles. When it comes to beautiful hand and body wash, I simply can’t go past Aesop.

I look forward to hearing about all your new and improved “ultra-zen” bathrooms. Let the good “chi” flow!

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