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Kitchens that Nourish the Soul

In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of the home – nourishing health and sustaining life. While stark designer kitchens are certainly in vogue, I encourage my clients to consider the incorporation of Feng Shui, however subtle, into the design of their kitchens.

I often find a well-designed kitchen paves the way to a well-designed home. In other words, “a house with a happy kitchen is a happy house indeed”. Some important considerations:

– Positioning and Floorplan: If you have the luxury of building a home from the ground up, it’s important to give priority to the position of your kitchen. Since the kitchen is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, be sure that it’s far removed from the front and back doors of the home or else the good “chi” or energy will easily escape. Quite often the kitchen is placed in sight alignment with the front door. This is also NOT auspicious. The kitchen represents the “fire element” and will be nourished in both the East and South. North Western positioning is strongly discouraged. Keep ovens separate from sinks and refrigerators if possible. Both represent “FIRE” and are the key element in the kitchen. However, too much will “overpower” the elemental balance if allowed too much rein.

– Boost Auspicious Elements: Hang mirrors or position reflective appliances so the burners appear double (this “doubles your prosperity”). Similarly, copper pots and pans can be displayed or hung to attract positive chi, which I prefer visually.

– We Are What We Eat: It may come as a surprise, but good nutrition = good Feng Shui. By adding healthy, organic foods to your fridge (and your diet) you are investing in health, prosperity and longevity. Add root vegetables (such as beets and sweet potatoes) to ground yourself during times of anxiety or stress.

– Get Fruity: In Feng Shui, fruits are a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and good luck (just think of the word “fruition”)! When selecting fruits to display, be guided by your instincts and the medicinal properties of the fruit. Citrus is particularly revitalizing and will add a refreshing pop of color – I also love the strong “yang” energy it brings.

Kitchen Design

– Exercise Your Green Thumb: Potted herb gardens are a wonderful reminder of the nourishing power of the earth in all of its aromatic glory. Basil, thyme, rosemary and mint are some of my personal favorites – all of which look great earthenware ceramics (avoid metal and plastic containers whenever possible).

– Invite in Friends: People can also bring positive “Fire” energy into our homes. Eating a meal in your kitchen invites “life” into our spaces. So, when it’s possible, have a spot to dine within your kitchen; even if it’s just the breakfast bar stools.

The positive energy you cook and create in your kitchen will come back to you to the power of ten. Take this wonderful and exciting opportunity to invest in your health and well-being!

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