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Reducing your Energy Bills with Window Treatments

In this era of ever-increasing energy costs, window treatments are becoming an important asset for a comfortable home without breaking the bank. While drapery and valances are a part of the decorating of your window walls, sun control, and privacy benefits, many don’t know there are specific treatments that can help control energy loss. Some of which look especially sleek and stylish when layered with a lighter treatment over it. Today shade companies have perfected their products to reduce energy loss by up to 74%; let's take a look at some options!

Solar Shades are some of the most energy efficient window shades that provide an effective shield from the sun to keep your room much cooler during the hot summer months. Light fabrics reflect the most light making it ideal for temperature control and allows natural light to filter through, preventing your home from looking dark and depressive. Both The Shade Store and Hunter Douglas are great resources for solar shades and the motorized options can also be connected to your smart home systems or Nest thermostat.

Image from The Shade Store

Image from Hunter Douglas

Cellular Shades have a design that is structural genius. The cell design traps hot air so they keep heat OUT during hot months and heat IN during the cold ones. They come in three cell sizes and four light control levels – sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and

Blackout. There are many customizable options for cellular shades at The Shade Store.

Image from the Shade Store

Roman Shades are beautiful, elegant options and are great for keeping sun out and heat in; depending on the type of fabric and how well it fits inside the window opening.

It’s a simple but impactful way of combining both aesthetic and functionality in a window treatment. When layered over the window opening they can double

function as a black out curtain, which is especially great for bedrooms. Unsurprisingly, The Shade Store is my go-to for roman shades as I sourced them for the Chelsea Living Room Transformation along with an older renovation of mine.

Image from Julie Schuster Design Studio

Image from Julie Schuster Design Studio

Image from The Shade Store

Shutters are a more traditional type of look, and are very effective when it comes to light filtering and energy conservation due to their sturdier construction, And since they’re physically attached to the home, they are also the only window covering that can ADD to your home’s value at resale. Shutters are a timeless look and are well worth the money and commitment.

As mentioned earlier, pairing your treatment with motorization that is connected to your thermostat can help regulate temperatures in the home based on the sun’s impact. That combined with layering your window treatments can create a beautiful statement in your home, all while keeping energy bills low.



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