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KBIS 2023 Picks

As some of you may know, earlier this month I participated in the 2023 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, KBIS, in Las Vegas. How lucky I felt to be back with friends and colleagues to see these new and innovative kitchen and bath products in person. I’ve compiled a list of products I’ve found to be the most noteworthy, in no particular order of course.

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my obsessions is a great kitchen sink, specifically workstation sinks. This year Bocchi debuted their new Baveno sink. While still a bit large for the tiniest of railroad kitchens in many apartments, at 33’ it fits inside a 36’ cabinet box. It just might be worth the sacrifice of counter space considering all that it can do.

When it comes to tile, there is usually nothing beyond a pretty face to consider. Kohler is changing this by coming up with a fully recycled matte wall tile that has more than what meets the eye. Already an award winner, once you see it in person and experience how rich the matte colors are, I suspect that you will also fall in love. It is currently being distributed through the Ann Sacks Line.

While this was premiered last year pre-launch and was the talk of the 2022 show, Beko is still giving us something to talk about when it comes to their HarvestFresh line. This year they gave us a host of new models and sizes. The chatter for this product primarily comes from their unique crisper drawer that uses innovative three color light technology to mimic the 24 hour sun cycle. The drawer keeps your produce in a more natural environment well after it’s been harvested, preserving freshness. After reading all of this, you can’t tell me you don’t want one! For a reasonable price it’s available now in sizes from 24” to 30”, as well as 36”.

Hitting the market in June this year, GE Profile showcased its Ultrafast Combo Washer & Dryer. Much more efficient than the past models we linked to, it can wash and dry a full load in about 2 hours; you don’t even need to be home to move it from one machine to the other!

While not totally new, I am still in love with the SKS (Signature Kitchen Suite) 48” Dual-fuel Pro Range. Not only does it feature gas burners, but it also has induction and built-in sous vide. It’s almost enough to make me move to the suburbs for a bigger kitchen to house this amazing appliance! It’s pricey, but very much worth it.

A budget friendly product for the wine drinkers out there is always a need! The Dometic DrawBar refrigerator is just a terrific product. It’s perfect for retrofit situations as it will fit into a 24” cabinet drawer as long as electricity access is available. It holds up to 5 bottles of wine, perfectly chilled for your next movie night with friends, or even all to yourself!



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