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How to Host Summer Guests in Style

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The long, balmy days of summer urge us to move about, spend extended periods of time outdoors with friends and family, and take those much-needed summer getaways. One of the supreme joys of decorating a home or holiday house is having the opportunity to share it with family and friends. Creating the perfect guest bedroom is a critical component to ensure a memorable and relaxing stay.

I was recently asked by a client to help her design the perfect guest bedroom for her beach house out east. After a virtual site visit and through our dynamic collaboration, the result was a carefully curated guest bedroom. Here are some of my favorite products that have since helped make her overnight guests feel welcomed and at home:

Beautiful Bedding: The most important component of a well-designed guest room is that it offers your guests a great night’s rest. I am a big fan of floral prints – after all, nothing is quite as welcoming as a verdant and vibrant garden! My client loved this Sky design from Bloom Bedding Collection which is exclusive to Bloomingdale’s. Crafted from luxe pima cotton, this delicate bedding collection features a lively botanical pattern in a multicolored palette against a crisp white ground, complete with a smooth sateen finish.

Tasteful Towels: It is always a good idea to have a stack of new, fresh towels for your guests to use for the duration of their stay. Imagine yourself in your guests’ shoes for a moment – nobody enjoys using old, threadbare towels. It is always fun to have a set of guest towels in a unique color story so you can easily tell them apart. My clients loved Hudson Park Collection’s Lux Turkish Towel, also 100% exclusive to Bloomingdale’s. I use these towels because they are ultra-soft, super absorbent and come in a variety of sophisticated palette of colors.

Thoughtful Throws: I am a big fan of throw blankets as they add a layer of sophistication and elegance when they are either draped over an armchair or laid at the foot of the bed. This Pure Cashmere Throw from Frette offers a super-soft hand with a simple straight hem and fringed edges. Throws are a great way to add a pop of color that can be swapped out depending upon the season.

Proper Privacy: Guests will feel more at home if they can enjoy a little privacy. Sharing the main bathroom with the host family is fine if nothing else is available, however having their own bathroom can make them (and you!) feel more comfortable and make their stay more enjoyable. For NYC apartments that do not have the luxury of a separate, closed-off bedroom for guests, I strongly recommend privacy dividers. Something like this classic rattan Anaise Cane Room Divider Screen design from Crate and Barrel can fold away in a corner when it's not needed, too.

Fresh Flowers: Is there anything happier than a sunflower? Their radiant faces always make me smile, and will make your guests smile, too. Providing fresh flowers is a simple and inexpensive gesture to make your guest space welcoming and connected to nature. When in NYC, I always source my flowers from the Dutch Flower Line in the Flower District.

Need help styling the perfect guest room? Relax, we’re here to help.


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