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Feng Shui Color Series: Fifty Shades of Blue

“Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones.”

– Raoul Dufy

Color is a popular tool for creating supportive, balanced environments to live, work and play in.

From a Feng Shui perspective, each and every color has its own unique energy or “chi”. An absence of color often feels stark and sterile; whereas an over-saturation of color can feel frenetic and overwhelming. As with all things Feng Shui, the critical key and core objective is balance.

Good Feng Shui and How to Use the Color Blue:

  • The Symbolism of Blue: Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable, and committed. The color of ocean and sky, blue is a constant and calming influence in our world, with equal appeal to both men and women. It is associated with stability and depth, professionalism, trust and honor. Its special healing properties makes it universally popular and impossible to ignore.

  • The Feng Shui of Blue: In Feng Shui, the symbolism of blue is augmented and enhanced as it links to our spirituality and self-knowledge “gua” (Earth Element on the “Bagua”). It simultaneously represents the clear skies and renewed energy of fresh beginnings (Wood Element), with darker shades of blue representing the complex and mysterious Water Element (which self-nourishes its own Wood Element properties).

  • Where to Use Blue: Blue is a great color to use in a home office or room where family members need to focus and concentrate. There is strong evidence to support its use as a ceiling color in these kinds of study spaces, too, as it creates the illusion of an open sky filled with ideas and possibility. In the bedroom, darker tones of blue can be used to promote deeper and more restful sleep. Consulting the “Bagua” layout unique to your floorplan, consider emphasizing blue in the North, East and South East regions of the home (remember: Bagua directions are different from traditional compass directions).

  • Where Not to Use Blue: Avoid using blue in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens that naturally emphasize the Water Element through their function. Using blue in these kinds of spaces can lead to “too much of a good thing”. An exception to this rule would be if your kitchen is in the Northern region of your home – using dark blues and blacks in this context will nourish and support the career paths of those within the home. Avoid using blue in the South, West and North West “Bagua” regions of the home.

  • My Favorite Blue: I have always loved using blue-greens in my homes and with my clients. Of course, the shade of blue you choose with your interior designer should relate to the kind of energy you’re wanting to promote within the space. There should never be a one-hue fits all approach when it comes to color. Be selective and deliberate.

With so many shades of blue to choose from, selecting the right one (or combination of blues and other colors) can be tricky. For more inspiration, check out our recent interior design projects that demonstrate how to use blue successfully within a space.

Need more help and inspiration? Set up an E-Design Color Consultation or Feng Shui Analysis Consultation today. We’re here to help.



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