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Feng Shui Color Series: All Things Orange

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Utilizing color throughout a space is one of the trickiest, most nuanced aspects of interior design. Our Feng Shui Color Series was created to empower readers to use color as an effective tool to direct attention and cultivate energy within the home.

With a distinct fall chill in the air, we’re turning our attention to everyone’s favorite autumnal hue – Orange!

The Feng Shui and Symbolism of Orange: Orange is an outgoing and social Feng Shui color. It is often used to boost connection, creativity, and conversation. It is an especially helpful color for people who are recovering from depression or abuse because of its healing, invigorating and motivating qualities. Orange was especially popular in the 70s and it’s great to see its resurgence today with so many compelling and attractive shades to choose from.

Where to Use Orange: Shades of orange that are close to red represent the Feng Shui Fire Element, so use it to power up a space located in the Fame, Reputation, or Love areas of your home. Shades of orange like terracotta or brick represent the Feng Shui Earth Element and can be used where you need some extra grounding, such as in the bedroom.

Where Not to Use Orange: The east (health luck) and southeast (wealth luck) are ruled by the Feng Shui Wood Element. These are two sectors where you shouldn’t use orange as a dominant color scheme as you don't want to symbolically “burn up” the Wood Element.

Orange Products and Inspiration: This Kettleby Sofa by Anthropologie is plush, understated glamor that’s perfect for entertaining. This Marlborough Downs wallpaper in Clay by Thibaut is whimsical and eye-catching. And this Desert at Dusk Canvas by Susan Singer from Potterybarn sets the perfect mood!

My Favorite Oranges: Orange has been invigorating our senses and commanding our attention of late. Some of my favorite shades of orange from Sherwin Williams include: SW6884 Obstinate Orange, SW9006 Rojo Dust, and SW7701 Cavern Clay.

Orange the Fruit: Citrus is a popular Feng Shui energy booster that can be used to attract auspicious chi energy. A bowl of oranges can be placed as a centerpiece on a dining room table, kitchen countertop, or coffee table in the living room. Trying mixing oranges with other citrus fruits such as lemons and limes in a glass bowl or vase. Pumpkins and gourds are bountiful in fall, too!

Adding orange to your décor with intention and power will further solidify connection, creativity and conversation within the home.

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