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Creating the Perfect Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

As we move into a new year, it’s often that we look for new trends to refresh our spaces. However, modern farmhouse style is still trending in a strong way! It’s a favorite due to its bright and cheerful appearance, comfortable atmosphere, and how it references biophilia and feng shui in an effortless way. Even in the modern mecca of New York City, the style remains THE choice of so many of the kitchens that I work to create here.

Here are some key elements to incorporate into your future farmhouse kitchen

COLOR: Keep the space light and bright by incorporating colors of white, light gray or a soft taupe. As we have referenced before, warmer undertones, or what I like to call the “dirtier classic colors”, are becoming more favorable than cooler neutrals.

  • For those that want to stick to a classic white kitchen, Sherwin Williams High Reflective White (SW7757) is always a good choice.

  • For those that want something bold while still keeping to the classics, there is Sherwin Williams After The Storm (SW9685). A great black that warms with just a hint of blue undertone.

  • When it comes to Modern Farmhouse, you can’t go wrong with choosing a great taupe or grey like Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray (SW7017) or a warm and friendly grey with blue undertones Stardew (SW9138). Both pair well with classic white subway tile backsplash - budget friendly and always in style.

NATURAL ELEMENT: Include natural or reclaimed wood somewhere in the space. Either with wood beams, accent on the island or range hood. Wooden elements are an example of Earth Element, which adds balance to the abundance of Water Element in kitchens. Not only will adding natural elements look good, it will also FEEL good from a biophillic perspective.

Amber Interiors

SHIPLAP: Whether it's used as a backsplash, ceiling detail, or as an element for a kitchen island, It's a popular material in farmhouse inspired spaces.

Clark & Co

Julie Schuster Design Studio

HARDWARE: Simple is key for this one! Hardware provides a great opportunity to add some contrast within the light and bright kitchen. Matte black is a popular choice for hardware, and we recommend Rejuvenation's Mission Drawer Pull pictured below.

Bronze finishes are also very popular in the Modern Farmhouse trend!

Julie Schuster Design Studio

LIGHTING: Much like hardware, lighting provides an opportunity to add some contrast to break up the monotony of neutral colors. Add a little sparkle with some brass, or lean into the more modern aspect of the trend by choosing a matte metallic fixture. We love the Hicks Large Pendant and Salem Double Arm Sconce from Visual Comfort & Co.

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