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A Feng Shui Guide to Front Door Colors

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The color of your front door is a deeply personal choice. It sets the tone of how you want to be perceived by the world. So whether or not you want to proceed from a Feng Shui outlook in choosing your door color, it speaks directly to who you are.

But before we dive right into color, there are some things to consider when it comes to the powerful energy of this sector.

In Feng Shui the front door of your home is so important that it has its own name - the Mouth of Chi. This is the portal through which all energy enters the home, both good energy (Sheng Chi) and bad energy (Sha Chi). In order to attract the most auspicious energy, the entry needs to be attractive and functional.

Opening the Door

First let’s talk about how the door should open. Always inward, welcoming fresh new energy into the home. For this reason, using the front door daily is a good idea. Even if it’s just for a moment! Remember that A front door that opens outward can spoil the energy of the entire home.

Organizing the Space

For proper energy flow, organization is key. Cluttered and disorganized entries block the flow of energy, creating a “stagnant” energy pool that will block you from “seeing” all the opportunities that will flow right past your door. The door should swing open easily and into an open space, meaning that the inside of your entrance should be clutter-free as well. Along with organization, decor such as wind chimes can attract positive energy when the door opens.

Picking the Right Size

The best front doors are in relative size to the home they belong to. A huge home with a small front door is not auspicious. And conversely, an over-large double door on a small home is not the best first look either. You want the amount of energy entering to be in accordance with the space.

Choosing your Color

When it comes to color, your best first guide is to look at the direction that the door is facing:

South - Red

North - Dark blue or Black

East and Southeast - Natural Wood Color

West and Northwest - White

Southwest and Northeast - Ochre or Yellow

The Bagua map is very helpful here in explaining why this guide is used. Considering the facing direction will allow you to optimize the types of energy that are most common in where your door is facing. Remember that attracting auspicious energy is an important reason why the Bagua map is used (grab what is abundant)! The new energy that flows into our home has the additional capacity to move out the old and stale energy that may have been lingering. hence the reason for uncluttered interior entry and fully functional door swing.

While the Bagua map is important, there are nuances to it. A home is a reflection of those who live there, so it’s ok to “tweek” the energy that our home attracts. For example, the highest energy attraction is the Fire Element of red. A south facing red door will tend to attract more of that energy. But is high energy red the best addition to the energy of that space and those who live in it? Perhaps a deep, calming navy blue and black that represents the Water Element is more fitting for that family.

As always, listen to yourself and focus on the energy that you want in your space. The power of intention is a conduit of positive energy flow, and you are a powerful force.



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