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Design Strategies for Achieving a Greater Work/Life Balance

As a Feng Shui practitioner and interior designer, I have the privilege of working with clients to not just design homes, but to design lives. Imagine you could redesign your life from the ground up. What would you include? What would you discard? What do you prioritize? What makes you happy? Well, guess what… YOU CAN!

A common thread I come across with the majority of my clients is the desire for greater work/life balance. We live in an increasingly busy and complex world. Too often, our professional work becomes the priority and we lose sight of what’s important.

Achieve greater work/life balance, at home or the office, by implementing these simple, yet effective strategies, and start designing the more balanced life you deserve:

Take Control of Your Workspace: Many employers now empower their employees by co-creating optimal workspaces. This includes everything from ergonomic office furniture to purified air and access to nature through biophilic design elements. Improving air quality and thermal comfort can have a striking effect on health and well-being, too. It also boosts productivity.

Stand, Move and Stretch: Sitting is the new smoking. Get up from behind your desk and get active! I’m a big fan of standing desks in particular. Be sure to stand on a padded surface or mat to protect your knees and spine. Take the stairs and stretch when possible. Find a gym close to work that offers a great Yoga or Pilates class at lunchtime.

Create a Designated Quiet Space: One of the biggest complaints my clients have is that their workplace is too noisy. Create a designated quiet space in your home or office where a mental “time-out” can be taken when needed. Your new quiet space should be simple and clutter free. Fill with luscious plants, flowers, comfortable seating and some light reading material.

Work from Home: Studies show that workers are up to 13% more productive working from home than working from a traditional corporate office. Companies as large as Apple and Amazon are already reaping the rewards. Even just one day working from home a week can strengthen work/life balance and increase productivity. Set up a work zone within your home with plenty of natural light and strong Wi-Fi connection. If dialing into conferences, ensure you have a neutral backdrop.

Get Organized: Spend an afternoon looking through your workspace and computer desktop and start sorting by grouping documents into folders. If you don’t use this method regularly already, set reminders or designate a weekly time to organize your work and personal life. It’s amazing how many hours you can free up with a bit of organization, leaving more time for family and friends.

For more insights and action to enhance your own work/life balance, set up a residential or commercial consultation. Feng Shui is all about achieving balance, after all!



Julie and her team have a passion for creating beautiful, engaging and functional spaces, focusing on both the physical as well as the emotional well being of your environment. Click on the links below for package details:

Whether it is directing the flow of chi through the arrangement of furnishings, design or colors; Julie and her team can help you to create the spaces that support your vision of a balanced life, rich in the areas that matter to you.

A well designed environment boosts employees' performance, promotes efficiency and creates a comforting space for incoming clients.

There is no second chance to make a good first impression. When the time comes to sell or rent your home, ease the transition and maximize return by helping your home look its very best.

Universal Design is the concept of creating a thoughtful space for all people, regardless of their age, size or ability. Universal Design is a perfect design solution to pursue because of the comprehensive features that endure throughout a life span.

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