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Essential Ingredients for the Perfect Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving tablescape

Thanksgiving is right around the corner – I know, hard to believe! Friends and clients often ask me what I consider to be essential ingredients for designing the perfect Thanksgiving celebration…

Design your best Thanksgiving yet with these five essential ingredients:

Ingredient #1: Emphasize Earth and Fire Elements in the Fall

The Earth Element celebrates the bounty of the earth and is represented using light yellow and sandy brown colors. Incorporate the grounding, solid square shapes representative of the earth element wherever possible. Textured earthenware containers are highly recommended. The Fire Element has a nourishing and supportive relationship with the Earth element and is represented using reds, oranges and gold. Incorporate triangular shapes wherever possible to represent fire. Work candles into centerpieces or light up the fireplace to warm up and purify the energy of your home.

Thanksgiving tablescape

Ingredient #2: Get Creative with your Tablescape

Your dining table has a crucial role for all gatherings, but especially Thanksgiving. From my experience, the best designs delicately balance functionality and flair. This is a wonderful time of year to celebrate and feature Mother Earth’s bounty. Consider juxtaposing autumnal colors with rustic elements such as magnolia branches, pumpkins, gourds and pine cones. Ensure centerpieces do not block or restrict interaction between guests.

Ingredient #3: Reflect Abundance

Surround your home with symbols of abundance. A vase of colorful flowers, a bowl filled with fresh fruit or a fridge filled with great wine and food will all do the trick. Symbols of abundance make us feel prosperous and content.

Ingredient #4: Practice Gratitude

The benefits of practicing gratitude are virtually endless. People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to acknowledge and reflect upon the things they're thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, have better sleep, express more compassion and even have stronger immune systems. What are you grateful and thankful for?

Ingredient #5: Host Family and Friends

Last, but certainly not least, the most important ingredient for Thanksgiving is family and friends. We all lead such busy and demanding lives that sometimes making time for friends and family can take a backseat. Take time to share stories, connect with, and embrace the company of family and friends. Switch off your emails and prioritize human connection! Remember, good company is the best Feng Shui for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!



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